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Foreign [Music] It's your favorite remote work Enthusiast Delilah and I hope you are Thriving on this Thursday and I have Another hot work from home opportunity For y'all this lead comes from a new to This channel company but chances are you Are well familiar with them and they Have a little experience friendly role That I think a lot of y'all will enjoy As long as you're okay with picking up a Phone so we're gonna get into details You'll know if you like this lead it's a Little bit different and I like it so Hopefully you will too but first things First please make sure you hit the Subscribe button and you turn on all Notifications for my videos if you want To be the first to hear about these jobs And get your application in then that is A must okay and all we'll talk about on This channel is remote work and remote Information so if you want to get higher For your own remote opportunity then You'll go ahead and lock it in and on That note we are ready to jump in All right so jumping on in here today's Hot lead comes from a company called Motorola Solutions now if that name is Ringing a bell it's probably because you May have owned a Motorola phone or you Might have one right now now Motorola Actually is in the security industry so

It says Motorola is a global leader in Public safety and Enterprise security Our Solutions in Lan mobile radio Communications video security and access Control and the command center bolstered By managed and support services create An integrated technology ecosystem to Help make communities safer and Businesses stay productive and secure And they've been around for a long time Since 1928 so they're getting ready to Come up on 100 years and there are over 10 000 employees now just scrolling Through their home page you can see more Information about them if you wanted to You know go over there but we are going To check out their opportunity that they Have available All right so we're looking at the Dispatcher position from Motorola Solutions this is available us wide it Says down here that this position is a Remote position and candidates can be Located anywhere in the U.S it is Preferred that the candidate lives in Fort Worth Texas but you know we're Going to be that best candidate so it Won't even matter now this lead does not Say how much it pays so I went over to Glassdoor and they didn't have anything In the dispatcher position listed but This is kind of like a customer service Type role so you could expect to Possibly make around 41

762 dollars per year which is about Twenty dollars and some change per hour So 20.88 per hour and that's not bad at All so it says company Overview at Motorola Solutions we believe that Everything starts with safety it's the Constant that empowers people to Confidently move forward it can fill a Flight or sell out a stadium it can care For a patient or graduate a class as a Global leader in public safety and Enterprise security we create and Connect the technologies that help to Keep people safe where they live learn Work and play our integrated technology Ecosystem unifies critical Communications video security and access Control and Command Center Software Enabling collaboration in more powerful Ways at Motorola Solutions we're Ushering in a new era in Public Safety And Security bring your passion Potential and talents to a career that Matters Department overview Vaas a video Analysis as a service company is a Leading Global provider of data and Image analytics for vehicle location the Company's image capture and Analysis Platform which includes fixed and mobile License Plate Reader cameras driven by Machine learning and artificial Intelligence provides vehicle location Data to Public Safety and Commercial Customers acquired in January 2019 this

New product offering will expand the Motorola Solutions Command Center Software portfolio with the largest Shareable database of vehicle location Information that can help shorten Response times and improve the speed and Accuracy of Investigations the product Management team Works to ensure that Products are aligned with customer needs And requirements taking input from Customers and internal stakeholders to Define requirements for software Development that enhance the product's Value to the customer job description The validation slash dispatch Department Reviews and confirms data prior to Dispatching to the end users dispatchers Will engage with both clients that Provide orders and end users to assist Within the guidelines provided answer Incoming calls and assist the customer With a focus on policy and procedure and Customer service dispatch information Electronically to both clients and end Users and engage in projects using Proprietary applications and G Suite Applications so that's Google Suite Prefer qualifications high school Diploma or equivalent proficient in G Suite applications two years of customer Service experience preferred and Dispatch experience preferred this Position is a remote position and Candidates can be located anywhere in

The U.S it is preferred that candidates Live in the Fort Worth Texas area basic Requirements high school diploma or Equivalent experience with either Customer service or dispatch legal Authorization to work in the US Indefinitely is required employer work Permit sponsorship is not available for This position vaccine requirement Motorola Solutions has implemented a Voluntary covid-19 vaccination policy we Strongly encourage all employers to be Fully vaccinated additionally certain Local governments or Motorola Solutions Customers may have vaccine requirements That apply to some of our employees These employees are required to submit Proof of vaccination to motor rule of Solutions and maintain compliance with These requirements so in a nutshell They're saying it is on your own accord If you want to have that and for some Local governments they say may require It but that doesn't mean that it's Required for this role so they're just Sort of covering the basis and letting You know the ins and outs of what might Be expected depending on certain Locations and then there's no travel in This job you won't have to relocate and They do say they want you to have some Sort of customer service experience or Dispatch experience but they don't say How much so if you have any amount then

That would suffice you know because they Don't specify and then you're eligible For great benefits such as incentive Bonus plans medical dental vision Benefits 401K with company match that's Free money you get nine paid holidays so We love getting paid even when we're not Working and then you get generous paid Time off Employee Stock purchase plan Paid parental and family leave that's a Big deal you know when you're expanding Your family you need time off and more So that's the lead you guys and they Just have their equal opportunity Employer statement down here which means They don't discriminate for a number of Legally protected reasons including if You have a disability so this is a good One and I mean it's not really clear Exactly what all you're going to be Doing but you are going to be working in The dispatch department and it seems Like a really fun opportunity and it Seems like a great opportunity to get Experience that could lead you to Another role within this very large Reputable company so if you like this Lead the apply button is at the top left And last but certainly not least if You're looking for more online jobs Check out my website there are currently 485 companies on the mega list of jobs This is a list of all the companies that

Me and my team come across that will Hire you to work from home so you gotta Get your applications out there and this Is a great way to find out who is hiring Outside of the job boards which are Really crowded because everyone's going Over to you know indeed and Glassdoor And those places to find jobs well you Can go directly to these companies Careers pages and put in applications so Definitely check out the mega list of Jobs people get interviews and people Land jobs all the time from companies They find on it the link will be in the Description box and last but certainly Not least if you need anything for your Home office you'll want to check out my Amazon storefront I'm always pointing You guys to these computers but that's Because you won't find them anywhere Else any cheaper right now this is on Sale for probably the lowest I've seen It ever this is on sale for a hundred And twenty four dollars you guys Everything you see here is what you need To set up your home office okay Windows 10 Pro wired keyboard board and mouth 19 Inch monitor the dual monitor setup is Actually on sale the cheapest I've ever Seen it a hundred and eighty one dollars For a dual monitor computer package Everything you see here is going to come With it you can't go to Best Buy you Can't go to BrandsMart you can't go

Anywhere and get prices like that and These have the requirements that Companies need when you work from home So do not miss out on these awesome Deals these are sold through Amazon and You can get these delivered directly to Your home if they don't work for you you Can return it okay Amazon is always Getting returns and you know how to deal With Amazon okay so come here to my Amazon storefront I've got plenty of Things in here to help you outfit your Home office including headsets that's Something you'll definitely need as well And you can see you can get a headset For 14 bucks you know if you're on a Budget this really is the list for you So link is in the description box below Along with the link to the mega list of Jobs and this hot lead for a dispatcher Role from Motorola thank you so much for Watching I truly hope this has been Helpful and I will talk to you soon bye Foreign

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