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Hello hello what is up welcome back to My channel and if it's your first time Here welcome I post these videos daily To help you make a quick and easy switch From an in-office job to a remote job so If you want to start working from home Click the red subscribe button below and You will get these daily before the rest Of the collective so this is a data Engineer job through Guild there are Positions available outside of the Denver office obviously for remote and It's going to be these following 28 States so please only apply if you are Able to live or work full-time in one of The states listed because they have Specific tax laws they're only set up to Be able to pay out to people with these Different residential addresses Etc so Their core values are nurture a Learner's mindset build shared success Be an owner and create belonging they Are looking for a data engineer and I'm Going to skim through and just hit you With it so we can keep it moving and Keep it brief so so you will be a key Planner in building the future data Warehouse participate in Tech projects Proactively engage with the team and Participate in day-to-day activities Cultivate an engineering culture deliver High quality data products with the Partnership and the product team so you Would be a strong fit for this if you

Have experience with different data Warehouse architecture approaches strong Verbal Visual and written communication Skills experience collaborating with Engineers strong data modeling skills And experience building data experience Wow of course there's always one word That trips me up Iteratively okay building data Infrastructure a strong focus on data Security and privacy you have an Affinity for forming relationships Experience with modern data engineering And a learner's mindset so the rate of Pay for this is between 130 to 152 000 while I don't see any degree it Needed it's just looking like you will Need that experience some of the Benefits are access to high quality Low-cost health care options 401K open Vacation eight days of fully paid sick Leave 12 weeks of Parental leave and Well-rounded Wellness benefits low-cost Mental Health Resources Financial Well-being and education benefits and Tuition assistance to help your future And growth so if you would like the link To apply for this job you can find that On my website which will be accessible In the description box below if this one Was not for you on your screen are two Other great leads I've posted check Those out you might find a better match

For yourself there click my face to Subscribe so you never miss an upload And I will talk to you in my next video Bye

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