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What's up two chicks fam it is me Carl And I am back with eight positions that Are hiring immediately make sure you Guys subscribe like and share this video Somebody out there guys is looking for a Legitimate job and we can help them out On this YouTube channel so make sure you Subscribe like and share my video out Post it on Facebook Tick Tock Instagram But don't forget to come back and leave Us a comment because on this channel Sharing is caring and we do believe in Giving back so we are going to give away Guys 10 more brand new laptop computers And they are absolutely free just take The video post it to your social media Platforms come back though and leave us A comment down below don't forget to go Back check out all the videos that were Dropped on the channel today I did drop One guys the company is on a hiring Spree they are looking to hire people Within the next couple of weeks because The position is getting ready to start So make sure you guys go back and check Out the video Don't get to let us know In the comments what type of work from Home job you are looking for and don't Forget to apply for a tell us tell us is Also on a hiring spree and this is a Non-phone skifty interview work whenever You want opportunity it is posted over Here on the two chicks with the side Hustle look on the home page for tell us

It's the Raider position and don't Forget to sign up for Branded surveys Let's hop in so the company is broad Path you guys have heard us talk about Broad paths before they are on a truly Truly hiring spree now they are a quick Hire we have someone to post in the Group today she just applied for the Data entry reposition she already heard Back for an interview so this one guys You literally could be working I would Say by next week so they have a Positions listed here the first one is The data entry rep the second one is for The registered nurse position the Provider enrollment Representative that is the third one They have a program director position Coverage review rep bilingual member Services rep director of financial Planning and Analysis and seasonal Billing customer service reps now this Company guys they do provide equipment Make sure you guys go over to Google do Some research about the company because You will have to do an interview with Them and from my understanding the Interviews are super duper easy so again The company is broad path they are on a Hiring spree they have eight positions Open right now where they are hiring for These positions immediately you could be Working in as little as next week so Make sure you guys check it out make

Sure you share my video somebody out There is looking for a job such as this One or these so make sure you share Share share don't forget to come back Though and leave us a comment and then Hop over to Facebook make sure you guys Join us in the group it is kiss that Cubicle goodbye also don't forget to Follow us on our other social media Platforms because we do have a lot of Giveaways going on with our brand this Year so make sure you guys join our Group KISS that cubicle goodbye follow Us on the two chicks with the side Hustle Facebook business page and don't Forget about Instagram and Twitter two Chicks with the side Hustle but be sure Guys to leave us a comment somewhere we Will see it and write your name down my Name is Carl and I will catch you Wonderful lovely amazing people on the Next video bye YouTube [Music]

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