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Foreign Welcome back I hope everybody's doing Good today I'm doing great back with Another job for you guys this job right Here is going to be coming from the Company terrain and they're currently Looking for an account manager okay this Is a full-time job and it can be worked Anywhere except for Massachusetts and California you have a base salary of 52k To 65k plus monthly bonus plans so let's Get into the details of this job you Will be maintaining and building strong Trusted customer relationships and Facilitate a smooth onboarding Experience for new customers you're Going to conduct recurring client Check-ins and manage next steps with Stakeholder teams and maintain a Detailed understanding of terrain's Products and services you're going to Assist customers with questions and Suggest the best products for their Needs and prepare key data points for Client meetings present and discuss Digital strategies in alignment with Client expectations and goals and Oversee campaign performance and present Reports and Analysis to clients with Strategic recommendations for continued Success it's going to work to achieve Maximum profitability and growth with Existing clients and identify upsell and Cross-sell opportunities and products

That are a better fit for each Customer's individual needs to promote Value through customer experience you're Going to actively respond to customer Feedback continuously elevating the Customer experience and you're going to Keep current on industry Trends and Optimize existing processes within the Company and actively enhanced customer Success initiatives so for this job They'd like for you to have three plus Years of experience in customer success Or account management two plus years of Experience in digital marketing Demonstrated success in a client-facing Project management and or Business Development role a bachelor's degree in Marketing Communication business or Related field strong digital marketing Knowledge including SEO Google search Console analytics and my business and Experience working with brand image and Promoting value through customers Experience they want you to be familiar With standard performance metrics in Digital marketing that's going to be Impressions clicks click-through rate Conversions Etc and Reporting formats in Various digital channels client-facing Experience and project management and Business development and experience in The Cannabis industry is a plus they'd Also like you to have exceptional Communication be able to multitask be

Data driven be a fast learner and Excellent oral and written communication Skills they are going to provide you With benefits of course and here's the Application for this job right here so Of course if you're interested in Applying you can find the link in the Description bar you guys know that I Wish you the best of luck make sure to Leave any questions or comments down Below and as usual I appreciate you so Much for watching and I'll see you in my Next video

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