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Hello everyone hello YouTube family I am Back with another 1099 job where you can Set your own hours you can work when you Want to work Um again if you have a nine to five job And you're looking to do something Um after that nine to five to make some Extra cash so maybe you're a Stay-at-home mom and you're looking to Do something while your kids in school This is something for you Um it is with the company pellfish pale Fish is an education app tailor-made for 3 to 12 year old olds and English Language Learners students can use a Mobile device to learn English with Native teachers one-on-one anywhere and Anytime each class is 25 minutes to best Capture children attention the pay is Between 11 and 17 an hour it could be More depending on your experience okay Now you are able to teach on your phone Pailfish page teachers once a month via Third-party company called Pioneer on The first of each month any money you Have made in the previous month is Deducted from your pay fish wallet and Sent to you you're paying your account Now you will have to have certifications Here to do this position here 100 with T-e-s-o-l or c-l-t-a certificate each Teacher has minimum one certificate in English language five percent teacher Acceptance rate to selection procedures

And 100 tax Savvy teaching will will use Body language and fun props to guide Students so you will again you have to Be certified you have to have some Teaching experience in order to do this Type of work here okay so again You know you'll be working with kids Three to twelve years old just basically Helping them to learn English Um this is very you know you connect With a mobile device and that's why I Say it's very important to do your Research on the steps of the process That you have to go through uh with pale Fish Um this is um I got this from a Blog Called um all around the world they Basically go over the complete guide to Teaching English online with pellfish What requires how to get started and Then also you can go and check out YouTube videos and there are some videos That teach you Um give you more information about pale Fish and there's actually people that Went through pale fish and currently you Know working for their company in its Pros and cons to about the company but You got to try it out for yourself so You can see their experience may be Totally different from your experience So don't look at other people's Experience what they say in some cases If it's bad that it's going to happen to

You okay every every there's different Strokes for different folks but when you Go through this block here even though It posted February 10th 19 2019 there Are still things that can educate you And give you the knowledge this person In the month of January January made Over a thousand two hundred for about 50 Hours a week and she's so excited Because she don't have to leave the House she can wear real pants put on Makeup or interact with anyone over the Age of 12 and they could travel without Having to take time off and being able To work in over half a dozen different Countries so you can set your own hours Again this is a 1099 job where you can Pick and choose when you want to work Okay now Um people ask is pale fish legitimate And she said it's completely legitimate It is made possible by an online Teaching Company a game called pale fish And when you scroll down You know she went over pale fish Um again we can go over it again it Palefish is a mobile app that connects Language Learners primary from China to English speakers from all over the world There are two main components to the app Free talk where you probably primarily Be working on conversation skills with Adult students and official kids course Where you teach structure lessons to

Younger Learners Um she taught with official kids course And like any job it has its pros and Cons like I was just saying a few Minutes ago overall she found a great Way to work from home and make her own Schedule now the Okie OKC teacher Requirement now they do have a Requirement I went over that Um it requires you to have a T-e-s-o-l-tfl our teacher qualification Certificate that you have to have in Order to be able to work Um for this company here and she's Talking about Um how much she made Aid again for this Position here you can click right here To register to sign up once you have Completed your pale Fish profile you Will have to fill out an application for The official kit course and then once This process you'll have to schedule a Demo interview and set your available Availability be a word that the time Slots you open maybe book a maybe once You're accepted into the program Um she was like I totally not prepare For this and woke up to seven bookings On my first morning and the timing was Wasn't ideal but she managed to make it Work okay And she talks about that the course Again are required to have a minimum of 7 25 minute time slots open each week

During these peak hours okay and then it Just goes over Um a typical day you will teach Structure 25 minute lessons to primary Pre-K and elementary students some Teachers have said that they have an Adult in the class but these instances Are rare and they never it never Happened to her and to just go in a Little bit more details about Um what she does in the class here and Then she talks about the starting pay For this position again this is not Meant to be a full-time job this is a Side hustle side gig opportunity I Believe in multiple strains the income I Believe in eight multiple strains of Income and this is something you should Have at all times so you can have a Backup plan so when you are you know When it's down time on your current job You can pick up a you know 1099 job to Do to make it for cash until you know You'll be able to get the money that you Need or you know salary on your primary Job okay and then it talks about the Trial lessons it goes over all of that Um as well as getting more booking she's Explaining to you on what you need to do Um to get more bookings and again she Goes over Um you know how often they get paid Um like I said early it's just once a Month by a third party called Pioneer

Okay that's just basically what it is But again You know it's talking about getting Started what you have to do is register For pale fish using the link above and You can use her code if you would like To then register using her invitation Code follow instruction in the image Guide below when setting up your pay Fish account you should also go ahead And set up an account with Pioneer where You can get paid then you set up your Profile on hellfish and this is the most Important step okay first you upload a Profile photo and verify your identity By taking a photo of your passport next Upload a photo of your degree in our Teaching qualification to the Verification section of your profile Next fill in your text intro and then Palefish also require teachers to record An audio intro and then get your blue Palefish t-shirt and teaching background Already and then you once you your Profile has been verified you can then Apply for the official kids course and Then these are some of the prop for your Demo lessons here that you can get you Know so she's trying everything to help You I mean get you where you need to get If you don't understand how things work I suggest you to Google things and Um understand you know a job or a side Hustle before you say this is not meant

For for me again you do have to have Certifications I made a video on our School you do not have to have any Certification all you have to do is have A passion to do what you need to do go Check out that video that video went out A couple days ago that can help you if You want to you know teach kids or Different things okay so but this one Pale fish you will have to have a Certification again I believe in Multiple strains of income you should Always have a backup plan at all means Necessary and I'm going to leave some Encouragement words with you is to keep Pushing keep applying don't give up There is a job out there with your name On it but it starts with you you got to Believe in yourself because if you don't Believe in yourself nobody else will so Go out there and grab what is yours Today Um on this channel again it's all about Nothing for working home job leads that Go out every single day at 7 A.M such a Standard time in the past weeks I've Been giving you side hustle side gigs Opportunity because I want people to Have a backup plan we know that we all Have cars and when we drive our car There's a spare tire we're not driving And hoping that we have a flat but if we Do have a flat there is a spare tire That we can put on our car and still

Take us to our destination until we get That a spirit that tire fixed hopefully We get it fixed sooner as well as Computers Um many times when I've been on a Computer and I forgot to plug up my Charger it warns me hey it's getting Ready to die out and I really get my Charger and plug it up into my computer So I can continue to record or continue To do my work that is a backup plan and We need to always have a backup plan it All means necessary Too many times people get so complacent They've been at a job for two months or Five years or 30 years and they just Feel like that company is not gonna lay Them off or let them go you should Always have a backup plan Furniture is Replaceable food is replaceable clothes Is replaceable and you can be Replaceable at any time Um necessary so you got to go out there And grab a side hustle 1099 job where You can make extra cash okay believe in Yourself because if you don't believe in Yourself nobody else will so go out There and reach for your the Stars you Know Brent come into 2023 with a great Mindset you got this there is a job out There with your name on it again Consider subscribing to the channel by Clicking that red button don't forget to Click on the Bell to turn on all your

Notifications so every time I want to Upload new videos you'll be notified Plus when I go YouTube live you'll be Able to attend my live streams because In 2023 the goal is to for me to go more Live and get a chance to know my Audience get your questions answered Okay so make sure you go ahead and Become a part of the family thank you so Much for listening to this to me and I Will see you in the next video

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