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Hi everyone it's Suzanne I'm back with Your second work from home job lead this Is a data entry clerk with ultimate or Through ultimate Staffing services this Is a staffing company and they are Providing this position they're paying Between nineteen twenty dollars per hour Which is about eight hundred dollars per Week and they are seeking a remote data Entry candidate to add to a growing team The structured settlement internal sales Team needs assistant with sales Processing this includes processing data In their quoting software documenting The information and sending confirmation Emails to their clients the basics of The job will include data entry and Sending emails there will not be a need To answer phone calls oh good so it's a No phone job they're looking for someone With experience and data entry Proficiency with 10 key and a Client-centric mindset be able to Consistently perform the required steps With a high attention to detail is Crucial so technical still skills they Want you to have is ability to balance Accuracy speed and customer service and Demonstrate High attention to detail Some nice to haves Excel Outlook basic Computer skills strong communication the Bar is set very low for this position Equal opportunity employer so guys if You are interested in applying or

Learning more about this position I'm Going to go ahead and put that link down Below and if you're new here welcome my Name is Suzanne I post two to three work From home job leads every single day so If you're interested in finding a remote Job then go ahead and subscribe hit the Notification Bell and you'll get those Videos as soon as they go up alright Guys I'll see you tomorrow

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