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Foreign If your favorite remote work Enthusiast Delilah and I hope you are thriving on This Thursday now you guys I have an Urgent work from home opportunity for Y'all and first of all this lead was Urgent yesterday when I first found it But it's urgent even more so because I Wanted to share it with y'all but YouTube basically told me I needed to Chill out because I was posting too much So you know I couldn't post it for y'all To see and then because I did not want Anybody to miss out on this I had to go To my email and I emailed this job out To everybody on my list so there are Folks who have already gotten their Application in yesterday and I don't Know how many more applications this Company is going to take for this hot Lead and you're going to want to hear Exactly what this job has going on Because there are a lot of really good Things and that's why I was just like You know beating the air shaking my fist When basically I got put in YouTube tube Jail so y'all understand everything that Is wonderful about this job you'll get It too you'll be running over to this Application to put it in don't play Games with this one this comes from a New to this channel company called work Care and they have a really awesome Opportunity available now as I was

Looking through this lead in this Company things just kept getting better And better and you're gonna understand What I mean by that now this is a very Little experience friendly role they Actually don't tell you how much Experience you need but they do mention That they want you to have at least Worked in like an office setting before So you'll see what I'm talking about but Like things just kept getting better Okay so I'm gonna share it with y'all But first things first please make sure You hit the Subscribe button and tap the Notification Bell you're going to want To have all notifications on for my Channel your phone's gonna be blowing up Today with these hot leads okay and You're gonna love it because I have some Really good ones and on that note we are Ready to jump in All right so like I was saying this Company is called work care and they are The health care services and Hospital Industry and they have a U.S wide Position that y'all are really going to Enjoy now like I said this lead just Kept getting better and better and I'll Tell you why now as far as the pay goes This opportunity according to Glassdoor Their intake coordinator roles pay about Forty thousand one hundred and two Dollars per year so that's about twenty Dollars and some change per hour and

Like I was saying they mentioned that You need to have office experience but They don't specify how much so is it six Months was it like a tent job where You're doing it for three months hey it Could work because they don't tell us They just say you need to have at least Worked in an office environment and then You know this opportunity this has a Really great potential for you earning More kind of fast and let me tell you Why for the requirement it says you need Need to have your mro assistant Certification or if you don't have that You need to have the willingness to get It within three months of employment so What that means is they're going to Train you in this area and y'all know me I'm curious now I look at Healthcare but I don't know all the ins and outs of Health care so I ran to Google and I Said how much do mro's which is a Medical review officer how much do they Make and the average annual salary for Just some states that are close to me in The Southeast is about sixty thousand Dollars so in Georgia where I live you Can make about sixty thousand dollars Per year Louisiana is about 58 000 North Carolina 55 000 and then Florida 61 000. So you probably just want to expand this And you know if you do this search Yourself and see what the average is in Your state but this is great money you

Guys so the fact that they're going to Train you and give you the certification Is a really big deal and you know you Can go from making you know 20 bucks an Hour to like 28 dollars per hour with That certification so you guys I love That lead now one more thing okay Because this just kept getting better And better as I was researching how much This role paid my eye was attracted to The fact that this company offers data Entry now they didn't have anything on Their careers page at the time I was Checking but this is a big deal to know That they offer data entry work because If you caught my video that I posted a Few weeks ago and if you haven't I will Make it appear right now on the screen Make sure you watch that after you watch This I talk about the 10 best companies To apply for data entry it's actually Like the third installment of a series That I started last year but in this Particular video I talked for like five Six minutes about just facts about Finding data entry jobs and I've never Really hurt anyone laid out this way I'm Not trying to toot my own horn but for Those who are like I like data entry Delilah watch that video because one of The things that I mentioned and that's Why it's significant that I saw this not Every company offers data entry so just Because a company will hire you to work

From home it does not mean that they Offer data entry jobs you have to know Which companies offer that and that's Going to help you know where to look Knowing now that this company offers Data entry you betcha this company is on My radar and I will be on their careers Page often so that I can share those hot Data entry jobs with y'all so you know Y'all do it too okay I'm giving y'all Some tips and tips and tips okay so Anyway jumping on in here we talked About the pay it's going to be about Twenty dollars per hour this is a Full-time role that's available us wide And it says job summary the primary Responsibility of the drug and alcohol Compliance coordinator is to assist Clients with the drug and alcohol Testing requirements of each client Including all federally regulated DOT Requirements and client company policies And procedures the selected individual Will also assist the medical review Officer in the review and final Determination process of all Non-negative results he she will provide Outstanding customer service problem Solve and assist all of his her internal And external customers with a variety of Related duties and responsibilities the Work schedule is Monday through Friday 11 30 a.m to 8 PM Eastern Standard Time So this is like a midday shift

Responsibilities communicate with Clients and provide explanation of drug And alcohol testing needs provide Assistance to clients in researching Department of Transportation DOT Regulations and requirements maintain Company random drug and alcohol testing Pools as well as conduct random name Draws and provide statistical data to Clients in regards to drug and alcohol Testing information maintain and Company Compliance for DOT regulation of drug And alcohol testing provide assistance To clients in dot audits assist mro in Communicating with employees that have Non-negative test results assist mro in Contacting clients with non-negative and Positive test results as well as set up Patient appointments for drug and or Alcohol-related exams signed sort and Distribute negative results screens Assist mro and clients in contacting Laboratories when additional information Or testing is needed perform other Related duties as needed or assigned Qualifications education and experience A high school diploma or GED you'll need Your mro assistant certification or Willingness to get one within three Months of employment so we talked about That office Administrative Assistant Experience skills and competencies Strong verbal written and interpersonal Communication skills strong commitment

To customer service must be able to Demonstrate the ability of maintaining Privacy in confidentiality strong Critical thinking skills problem solving And decision making must have the Ability to gather data compile Information and prepare reports ability To manage multiple priorities with Attention to detail and accuracy ability To create and edit written materials Ability to communicate effectively to a Variety of audiences skill and Organizing resources and establishing Priorities demonstrate Cooperative Behavior with colleagues supervisors and Clients strong time management Organizational and follow-through skills Ability to meet and exceed daily and Weekly individual performance goals Ability to work independently as well as Assisting other team members when needed Requires regular and predictable Attendance and punctuality computer Skills must be competent in the Windows Operating system environment Adobe Professional Microsoft Office Suite Outlook word excel and PowerPoint and Learn other software as needed physical Demands require sitting for long periods Of time working at a desk some bending And stretching could be be required Working under stress and use of computer Phone required manual dexterity required For use of computer keyboard

Occasionally may be required to stand Walk stoop kneel and or Crouch May Occasionally lift and or move up to 15 Pounds work environment mainly indoor Office environment conditions the noise Level is usually moderate air quality is Good and temperature is controlled work Environment must be free from background Noise and distraction noise level is Acceptable temperature is controlled at Home setup must meet all company it Privacy and safety requirements the Salary for this position is 15.50 per Hour compensation offered will be Determined by factors such as location Level job related knowledge skills Experience and qualifications so to be Clear this really means the starting Point is 15.50 when they talk about it Being determined by other factors such As your location job skill and knowledge That means that it's negotiable and can Be higher that's why I always point Doubt what are folks making on Glassdoor Because you do not want to be the lowest Paid person in your position people in This coordinator role are making forty Thousand dollars per year and that's you Know according to seven salaries Submitted so I can't tell y'all what to Do but I absolutely would ask for 20 per Hour and you deserve it in this role and So then it gets into benefits for this Position include paid time off medical

Dental vision and critical illness Insurance HSA HRA and FSA life and Disability insurance EAP 401K legal and Identified theft coverage pet insurance And more and then this is their equal Opportunity statement and they just talk A little bit more about the company here And that is the lead y'all so if you Can't tell okay I always love the leads That I share but I really love this lead Because for the folks who are like I'm Tired of making you know the money that I'm making I want to make more money This company is going to give you a Skill that we just saw on Google is Gonna pay you on average about sixty Thousand dollars per year and you know After that I did Google you know mro Positions and there are quite a few that You can see that are available online so If you like this lead okay the apply Button is at the top right and I would Get my application in ASAP and last but Certainly not least I always encourage Y'all to go to my website Remoteworklife.com I'm always talking About the mega list of jobs y'all don't Have to believe me but this is really a Great resource because not only do you Know what companies hire you to work From home all of these offer remote Positions you can go directly to their Careers Pages this is how you're going To apply for jobs that aren't

Necessarily on the glass door and indeed This is how you can get your application In for stuff and other folks aren't Crowding around applying to those leads As well not all jobs end up on the job Boards some people don't know that just Because a job is on a job board doesn't Mean that's the only job these companies Have so you can actually find a plethora Of jobs not being advertised just by Going directly to their careers Pages This is how folks are getting hired off The mega list okay people tell me all The time Delilah got an interview Delilah got hired thank you for that Mega list of jobs I say you're welcome And then if you need home office Equipment okay go to my Amazon Storefront this is where you can get an Economical computer I'm always pointing Out you know this one and this one right Now this one has been on sale for like The past week it's 129.50 for everything you see here most Companies require you to have at least Windows 10. these run Windows 10 Pro Minimum and you get the wired keyboard And mouse and 19 inch monitor if you Need dual monitors this one is on sale Right now for 205 bucks and everything You you see listed in this picture comes With it you can't find these deals in Store all of these are sold through Amazon so you know if you're like but I

Don't know if it'll work for me what Happens if it doesn't work for me send It back to Amazon okay even cold allows You to do Amazon returns so if you don't Like doing like this box it up and send It back way I believe you can go to Kohl's which I've done multiple times And return stuff to Amazon that way and There's a Kohl's not too far from you so There are other places I'm sure but That's the place that I've used and you Really don't have anything to lose it's Also three Amazon okay so check out my Amazon storefront the mega list of jobs And of course get your application in For this hot lead and thank you for Watching and I will talk to you soon bye Thank you

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