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All right you guys I have another great Remote roll for you but first and Foremost if you're new here welcome I Post daily videos to help you switch From working in an office to being able To work remote that red subscribe button Below will be your bestie the Notification Bell next to it even more Of a bestie so you can get notified Every time a video goes up and you could Be one of the first people to apply so Key Bank is hiring remote for a lead Specialist in their card fraud detection Space the schedule is 8 AM to 7 P.M Eastern Standard Time Sunday Monday Friday Saturday Sunday Thursday Friday Saturday so you'll have to work around Those hours make sure you're prepared to Work that time zone you will be doing a Fraud detection with an emphasis on sell Transactions experience result fraud Detection is preferred your primary Focus is on moderate execution within Defined parameters you'll be Administering moderate procedures review And enter the proper documentation this Role does cover a combination of staff So you'll be working with those people Identifying and resolving moderate Issues individuals at this level are Expected to use some Independence Accountable for regular reporting There's so much here but I'm going to Keep skimming through so I can keep the

Video brief anything I miss definitely Check on your own time but the required And or preferred qualifications a high School diploma or a GED college degree Preferred however unneeded typically one To three years experience in an Ops role Excellent written and verbal Communication skills leadership skills Customer service skills and you can Adapt to new ideas analytical research You're proficient in a 10-key system Microsoft Office applications I mean it Just goes on and on here so definitely Read through the compensation and the Benefits for this is 18 to 21 per hour And you can click open to this to see The benefits that are available for this Position very straightforward role here If you would like the link to apply you Can find it in the description box below If this one was not for you on your Screen are two other videos I've posted Check those out you might find a better Match for yourself there click my face To subscribe so you never miss an upload And I will talk to you in my next video Bye

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