$27 Hour Mostly NON-PHONE Work From Home Customer Support Job (Email & Chat) | No Degree Needed |USA

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Welcome back my friends this is Lindsay And I am back with another work from Home job lead for you this one is mostly Non-phone through email and chat there May be a few times that you have to pick Up the phone and talk to people but most Of this is going to be non-phone the Company is muckrack now they have 83 Reviews on Glassdoor and come in at a 4.7 out of 5 star rating of course the Links to their glass door page and the Job page if you want to put that Application in is in the YouTube Description box below this video but Mukrak is hiring a customer support Specialist mukrak is a leading software As a solution platform for public Relations and Communications Professionals and so they are looking For someone to serve as a first Responder for inbound communication Through their website so that is going To include a chat and email you'll Answer customer questions and provide How to help on mukrak's capabilities With a focus on reducing customer effort And furthering their product knowledge You'll help troubleshoot technical Issues and diagnose errors online and Over the phone so if something is not Correlating to the other person online You may have to pick up the phone and Make an outbound phone call to them and Talk them through it you will escalate

And diagnose diagnose software issues Work with product and Engineering teams To help solve those complex product Issues you'll proactively reach out to Customers who show signs of user error And you'll stay up to date and maintain Product knowledge of all the product Offerings of a muckrack and their new Features and existing features now they Are not requiring any kind of college Degree they are looking for somebody who Is one to two years experience in Technical support or software as a Service experience is preferred someone Who has great communication skills Someone who can troubles shoot and Perform in-depth investigations so you Got to be a little techie and of course You got to be able to use Google Apps HubSpot all of those types of things and They say you must be willing to work one Of the following shifts they have a 10 A.m to 7 P.M Eastern Standard Time shift Or a little bit later shift that starts At 11 A.M and goes to 8 PM Eastern Standard Time now they are paying a 27 An hour for this position and it is for My United States folks only all right as Always if this job lead was not for you That's okay please feel free to leave in The comments anything specific that You're looking for I do try to read Those and keep an eye out when I'm Searching for job leads to share thank

You so so much for watching and Supporting me and I'll be back really Really soon with more work from home job Leads just for you

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