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Welcome back my friends this is Lindsay Bringing you another daily work from Home job lead this one is very high Paying it does not require any kind of College degree and it does provide the Computer equipment for you but real Quickly I just want to say if you are Celebrating it through the next few days At the holiday season I want to wish you And your family a very happy and healthy Holiday season and merry Christmas if You celebrate Christmas but with that Being said the company is story blocks They are a online company that provides Images videos stock photography all the Things to video makers video editors Photographers just any kind of person That isn't a Content creative field Maybe someone that designs Advertisements and commercials and they Are hiring a senior people operations Specialist now they call their Human Resources people operations specialist So this is in the human resources field Now now it is either in their office in Arlington Virginia or remote and we are Concerned about the remote work from Home but you will be involved in key People operation functions such as Compensation payroll and compliance You'll support and execute people Operational processes performing Management payroll review benefits of Benchmarking you'll be responsible for

The management of the hris system with Onboarding and off-boarding hiring Employees with their normal paperwork Their background to check all of those Things you'll be responsible for people Analytics and insights collaborating With members of the other people teams You'll evaluate and analyze data data Matrix and support reporting audit and Data Integrity so you will just be doing All of the human resources functions Payroll onboarding benefits paperwork All of those things they do not require Any kind of degree they are looking for Someone who has five years experience in Some kind of human resources or people Operations if you have a focus in HR Functions like payroll compensation Benefits that is a plus they want Someone who can identify and drive a Process Improvement efforts someone who Has the ability to add value and get Things done with great high level of Attention to detail and someone who is High emotional and social intelligence Great organizational skills are also Needed now if that is you the salary for This position is anywhere from 85 000 to A hundred thousand dollars a year they Offer all the standard benefits Including a paid time off of 401k Medical dental vision insurance and if You scroll all the way down to where you Can attach your resume your LinkedIn

Profile and fill out the application it Asks for your address and it says if Hired necessary equipment your laptop Your monitor will be shipped to this Address so they do provide all the Equipment for you all right if you've Made it to the end of this video I want To say thank you so so much for watching And supporting me please have a happy Holiday season and I'll be back really Really soon with more work from home job Leads just for you two videos will be Popping up on your screen one I picked For you and the other YouTube picked for You that you might enjoy next Please Subscribe and hit the Bell icon so you Never miss another work from home or Money making video from me and thank you So so much for watching and I'll catch You in the next one

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