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Happy Wednesday YouTube family I am back With another work from home job this Company they will train you according to Glassdoor you can make anywhere between 18 and 30 dollars per hour and that is Like 720 to a thousand two hundred per Week again this channel is all about None phone work at home job leads they Go out every single day at 7 A.M Central Standard Time so make sure that you're Watching the videos all the way through Because you don't want to miss great Valuable information to help you get Closer to Landing your first second Third remote job so let's go ahead and Dive right into it now we're talking About the company above Linden their Courtesy can quality assurance Specialists to work from home then when You scroll down to the bottom it says a Bachelor's degree or equivalent related QA experience I say still apply for the Job even if you don't have a bachelor's Degree long as you have that experience They will still Um hire you and then plus they will Actually when you go down a little bit Further here they do Career Development And try training so they will train you On this job too as well okay now Basically when you go up here a little Bit farther what you'll be doing is You're going to be performing quality Assurance monitoring for all departments

Within call center including operation Enrollments customer success and Sediment teams okay and then also you're Going to evaluate customers interaction Via phone social media email chat and Etc then develop metrics for excellence To measure performance and to give you a Little bit of information about above Lending it is a Next Generation Financial Service Company so we're going To go in a little bit deeper dissect the Job a little bit deeper to get you to Understand what you're going to be doing On this job every single day is that the Quality assurance specialist will apply Precise program knowledge by assessing The quality and accuracy of contact Center inbound outbound customers Interaction okay so basically you're Aiming for excellent the quality Assurance specials will be spots for Document training results and Identifying room for increased Productivity and Improvement this role Interface with upper management to Report Founders and recommend new Strategy objective aligned with the Young finance vision and Mission so when We go down a little bit further you're Going to create and track accurate Timely quality monitoring reports you're Going to recommend policy and procedure Changes based on quality monitored Observation

Are you going to stay current with Contemporary technology trans Concepts And best practice and special process Projects as a sign as necessary and then When you go down a little bit further They're looking for someone to have Excellent interpersonal Community Communication skills and ability to Interact within all levels are the Organization High attention to details And accuracy strong organization problem Solving analytical skills and then also Demonstrate ability in being an Effective team player provided uh Proactive solution in a fast-paced Environment okay this company do Um offer little Health dental and vision Programs as well as personal time off 401K uh match and Merit events Opportunities if this sounds like Something that you're able to do all you Need to do is scroll down this is Considered a Quick Car application Meaning it literally take you Um less than five minutes to complete And all you need to do is hit submit Application I want want to throw this Out here on every job that I talk about Or discuss in my YouTube videos I always Reach out to hire managers to make for Sure that the jobs are legitimate before I post them on any platforms but I do Ask you to do your own research for a Piece of mind okay

Um I do that even though that this Application is short that doesn't mean It's a scam a lot of people think things Is a scam because it is a short Application that doesn't mean it's a Scam scams out there are multi-level Marketing I see a lot of that on Different social media platforms and People type interest all the time they Don't question that they don't second Guess that they just get their Information out there but again I ask You to do your own research for a piece Of Mind these jobs has been screened I Take upon myself I do my part to go out There and reach research the company as Well as reach out to hiring manager Recruiters to make for sure that these Jobs are legitimate but you have to do Your part and do your own research Search for a peace of mind okay and I Just want to just keep encouraging you Is don't disqualify yourself before you Apply for these jobs let the company do It everything starts in the mind I don't Care what you do I don't care if you're Running track I don't care if you're Trying to find a job I don't care if You're trying to start a business I Don't care if you're trying to get a House built it starts with the mind you Have to have that mindset You know you have to make up in your Mind that I can do this too many times

So many people are so negatively Negative and I see it they Negative they Talk negative and then when somebody Else is trying to do something they Trying to talk negative to that person Don't want that person to apply for a Job don't want that person to move up to The next level to better their self and Do think great things for themselves and Their family you got to keep pushing and Keep applying it you can't give up I Know you get mad and don't understand Why everybody else is getting a job and You still applying for jobs you haven't Heard anything okay you got to keep Applying keep pushing again don't give Up and don't disqualify yourself before You apply to these jobs let the company Do it you have to believe in yourself if You don't believe in yourself do you Expect other people going to believe in You nobody's gonna believe in you you Know uh you got to believe in yourself You got to go out there and hustle and Grab what is yours by applying for these Jobs today Um I've been rejected before my life and A lot of people when they go through Things they don't want to tell other People what they went through but when You go through when you go through Things in life that is healing for you Plus that is helping people and let People know hey I'm not in this boat by

Myself everybody's been rejected but Some people go around like I've never Had trouble finding a job I always you Know had an opportunity and I never Struggle you know uh like my grandmother Say if you haven't been through this Keep living you're gonna see and go Through things in life because that is a Part of life that builds your character And it makes you stronger you know so Um keep pushing don't give up you know There is a job out there with your name I believe in you you got this keep Pushing don't give up keep replying go Out there today and grab what is yours By applying for these jobs today okay That you know that I'm always trying to Help you do better And have a better opportunities Um it's a lot of people that are sitting On a job And they've been on a job for two years A year or even five years or longer and Haven't gotten a raise still making the Same amount of money they've been on the Job for all this length of time they Cannot take a vacation because nobody Don't want any jobs I feel it is a Coming to a timing place where you got To move and better yourself okay and That is with course careers there are a Lot of text cells and information Technology jobs are available if you do Your research but hire managers the

Reason why they have so many openness is Because it's not too many people that Are trained to do Tech sales or Information technology so majority of These Fortune to 500 companies have Partnered with course careers so once You go through the course they will hire Course careers graduates with no Experience dropped in the experience or Degree required and put you in the entry Level uh position like a tech sales or Information technology as you can see on The screen I just want to go through and Explain to you what is the difference For text cells text cells is mainly your On the phone say for example you're Working for the company Google you're Reaching out to potential buyers that Are interested in buying products for Your company from your company Google And there are more than 300 000 opening Jobs in the average salary that you can Make is between 60 to 80k a year Information technology is more of a chat Job where you responded to emails and Dealing with tickets there are more than 200 000 open jobs again this is a Non-phone work at home job is Information technology you're not Talking to customers on the phone and The average starting salary is between 40 to 60k a year and it could be more Okay now When you scroll down I suggest you to go

And look at the testimonies y'all there Are a lot of people that are testifying Of how great course careers has changed Their life when you look at this Testimony just to paraphrase she was 19 Years old she worked at Starbucks like You always see that I say in my videos It's nothing wrong with starting at Starbucks McDonald's Walmart Taco Bell I Used to work at Taco Bells years ago When I was a teenager you know so it's Nothing wrong with it it's earnest money But I don't think it's meant to stay Somewhere forever if you are not moving Up you know you're not getting the paid Getting paid the way you should I think It's time to be seeking other places to Work so she ran across course careers And now at the time of Me video doing This video she is the youngest making 60 000 a year working from home and I Suggest you to go and watch her full Testimony and the others just to see Course careers graduates that people That went through the course now they Are willing to help people other people That are going through this course help You through the course you know the Classes help you review for the test to Get you to pass and Ace these courses so You can go out here and get hired and Make that over 60k a year okay so you May be asking how it works and I'm glad That you're asked all you need to do is

Sign up for their free intro course and The intro course is going to go over Text sales it's going to tell you Everything about text sales as well as Everything about Information Technology At that time you could decide if it's a Good fit if it's a good fit for you or You ever always dreamed of being a nit Or text sales then stop procrastinating And take action that is what get a lot Of people in trouble as they Procrastinate I'll wait to next year to Start or I start in two weeks you need To start today you know life is short This very second is not promised to you So you need to take action today not two Weeks from now not two months from now Action today by signing up and enrolling Their online self-paced course to begin Learning you would complete the course In a few weeks some people have Completed in in a few weeks you know if You watch the testimonies one guy Completed the course in a few weeks to a Couple months depending on how much time You commit you will learn everything Required to land in your first position Now you'll start the career Um the great thing about uh course Careers is that you are you can get into An internship where you can make Anywhere between 15 and 20 an hour and You'll work for that for three months And you gain your experience people

Realize have to realize when you go to College when you go to trade school Um at Community College a university People come out with degrees right and When it get out and try to apply for Jobs they're being rejected because they Can't get a job because they only have a Degree and they don't have experience so What do they do they go back to school Change their major get another degree Hoping that they can get another a job And then they go back and they still get Rejected but here at course careers You're gaining the experience you're Getting paid as well as getting your Degree and plus you do not have to take Out any loans for course careers it's a Lot of people go to Community College Trade schools University and they're out Of loans taking out loans and there's People I know they've been out of school For 12 years 20 years and they are still Paying on a loan okay so with course Careers you do not have to do that all You need to do is they'll teach you how To start applying the skills you acquire From the course in a new career they Would teach you exactly how the land and Entry level position or internship by Giving you Insider knowledge of how to Apply to companies what they look for in Resumes applications how to prepare for Interviews and such much more again they Partner directly with companies that

Want to hire course career students into An entry-level position and internship Dropping their degree in experience Requirement for course careers graduates Okay now Again we're gonna go and there is Pricing and I believe it's very Affordable it's only 499 dollars that's It if you use my coupon code the rest of 50 you will receive 50 off the 499 or You can do the four payment plan of a Hundred and fifty dollars uh where you Pay uh for bi-weekly payments of 150 Again they do have a 14 day money back Guarantee Um if you want decide you want a refund As long as it's within that 14 days Purchase you can simply reach out to Them and they will refund your money Back and again on an average you would Make over 800 a week as a help desk Professional that is a information Technology so basically the course pay For itself during just the first four Days on the job so if this is something That you ever wanted to do or if you Know some high school students that are Uncertain about what they want to be Share this with them or if you just want To make a change and you want to make You know uh more money because the cost Of living is going up instead of your Pay rate this is something that you need To do you cannot procrastinate y'all you

Got to take action this is a good course To take you have good instructors Sean And Josh they're excellent instructors That you could take and get started on Your career as a tech sales or Information technology make sure you Sign up today check this out information Is in the YouTube description bar okay And remember to make for sure that You're watching the videos all the way Through why because there are valuable Information in all of my videos to help You get closer to Landing your first Second third job even a side hustle Remember consider subscribing to the Channel by clicking that red button and Don't forget to click on the Bell to Turn on your notifications so every time When I upload new videos you will be Notified they give you plenty of Opportunity to go ahead and apply for These jobs before they're no longer Available two if I go YouTube live and I'm gonna start are going more YouTube Live and to get to interact with my Audience you'll be notified so you'll be A part of the live stream and be able to Chat with me and get your courses Answered and if you would like to Support this Channel or become a member Of the YouTube channel all you have to Do is click the join button there is a Short video explaining the benefits of Becoming a member of the YouTube channel

Shout out to everyone that's already a Member don't forget to check out your Community tab when I upload new videos I Post it in there when I do posts when I Do quotes I post in there because I want To engage with my audience this channel Is all about non-phone work at home job Leads that go out every single day so if You're looking for a work from home job Where you're not talking to customers on The phone you have landed on the right Channel remember don't disqualify Yourself before you apply for these jobs Keep pushing keep applying don't give up There is a job out there with your name On it so go out there today and grab What is yours by applying for these jobs Thank you so much for watching and I Will see you in the next video

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