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Hi everyone it's Suzanne happy Thursday Today I have a work from home job it's a Customer service agent in this job you Will be answering emails you will be Answering customers online chat and you Will have to do some answering through The phone as well the company is Mia Plaza and they're paying up to 22 Dollars per hour which is over eight Hundred dollars per week they're Offering full-time part-time and of Course remote so it sounds like they Have a lot of different options for you They'd like you to have one year of Customer service experience now under The full job description they're looking For a highly motivated and enthusiastic Part-time virtual team member this Position will include customer service Functions such as online live chat Answering emails and phone calls and Responding to customers on social media This position offers many opportunities For growth in other areas of the company So if you get your foot in the door you Might have a chance or an opportunity to Move into a different department at some Point right they're an educational Website for children from the elementary To high school level they offer a unique Learning Community for the families Using their website and pride themselves In offering customer service on a Personal level needed skills tech savvy

Independent and self-motivated learn Quickly problem solving excellent Communication reliable high-speed Internet proactive trust and integrity Empathy resilient good communication Again and they'd like you to be a skill Typist at 45 words per minute required All right so you're going to be doing Chat hours 20 to 40 hours a week so if You are looking for a part-time job this Could be a good fit for you this job is A good fit for applicants with gaps in Their resume or who have been out of the Workforce for the past six months a job For which all ages including other older Job Seekers are encouraged to apply and Open to applicants who do not have a College diploma so if you are any of Those and you've been worried about not Being able to find a work from home job This may be your opportunity so they're Going to put in these benefits employee Discount flexible schedule paid time off And training and work from home all Right here's some application questions They may ask you are you willing to Complete a background check the answer To that should probably be yes are you Available to work any shift between the Hours of 6 a.m and 8 A.M Pacific Standard Time think Nevada please list Any other ongoing time commitments you May have such a schooling or additional Part-time employment so I don't think

They will hold it against you you if you Have another part-time job they just Want to make sure they understand what Your current schedule is like and how or Whether or not they can work around it Alright guys if you're interested in This position I'm going to put the Instructions down in the description for How to apply I wish you the best of luck And I'll see you all tomorrow

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