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Foreign .com make sure you hit that subscribe Button and also that notification Bell So you don't miss out on any new content Posted on this channel hey welcome back Everyone today I have found several Typing jobs that you guys can do from Home I had a few people request some Data entry jobs and I always have people Looking for worldwide opportunities so I Wanted to make sure I share several Opportunities for you guys in this video The first company that I would like to Share with you is van and online Services now this company is known for Hiring language experts from around the Globe you will be communicating with People via translation transcription Captioning typing voice over and more so You can quickly go to the typing section Right here and fill out their form to Become an independent contractor this is Their quick application where you will Just fill out all of your details first Name last name phone number address your Skype your LinkedIn also your academic Qualifications if you have something now No degree is required for this position Also you will let them know your work Availability whether you want to work Part-time or full-time and then you will Have some numbers at the bottom here for Their base office in you in the US UK as Well as Australia so yes if you are

Looking for a legitimate typing job go Ahead and fill out their online form According to glassdoor.com you know the Last reported salary for this translator Transcriber you know typing role is Around forty six thousand dollars per Year this equals to around thirty six Hundred dollars per month 900 per week This was last reported January of 2023. Now also you know if you go to the Reviews they have a pretty good rating 4.6 rating 93 of the people that have Worked for this company recommend to a Friend so that is always great to hear When you are looking for a legitimate Online job now the next company I want To share with you is Akron this company Right now they are hiring a data entry Clerk to basically enter inspection data Into their computers you will be Entering data from inspection field Reports you will be recognizing and Identifying Data issues as well as you know Being accountable for project Deliverables on time you will also Participate in plan scheduled meetings With Inspection Team and just Communicate in a professional manner now Requirements you will need a high school Diploma one plus years of data entry Experience or in an office setting and You must have experience using Microsoft Office this position will also include a

Competitive salary medical and dental Benefits so yes you can go ahead and Apply for this position today the next Company is Bears Dev now they are hiring A data entry specialist to work from Home this is a fast-growing company that Needs the help from you guys they're Looking for a data entry person that is Proactive detail-oriented and that Demonstrates excellent analytical Abilities now you will be supporting the Recruiting area While entering you know information and Data into their database you will be Able to manage the notices that they Have and you will enter into their job Portals You will also be analyzing professional Profiles in their job portals they are Looking for someone that is proactive And have the ability to work within a Team that pays close attention to detail On a daily basis someone that has at Least one year of previous work Experience and also is able to speak English this is 100 remote work in the U.S this company is not hiring outside Of the U.S they will provide Hardware Set up for you to work from home so that Can mean a computer laptop anything that Is Hardware that you will need to Perform the job this company will also Offer paid time off vacation holidays And you will have the ability to work

Your own hours The last site that I would like to share With you is called e-moderators this Company hires people to basically manage Communities online you know you will Basically be texting and responding to People to an online community you'll be Able to choose your own hours they will Offer competitive salary and you will Have the option to work whenever you Want wherever you want as long as you Have Wi-Fi you know internet as well as A reliable computer or laptop they will Also offer weekly payments as long as You have an active bank account Now this site you know offers Competitive pay the faster you can type The more money you will make You will be able to respond to messages More quickly and that will allow them to Pay you more they will also help you Develop more as a moderator you will be Able to be assigned to a personal tutor Where they will communicate with you via Skype this will help you to develop Train they don't charge you for training They have free training available to Help you succeed on this job you will be Able to work from most countries in the World and no experience is required if You look over into the right corner of The website you will be able to select Your language so definitely if you would Like to apply go ahead and fill out

Their quick application here your name Email address the country that you are Located in as well as your availability I will make sure I drop all links below So you can go ahead and apply to all of The companies I've shared today make Sure you give this video a thumbs up and Also share with your family and friends That may be looking for a typing job That they can do from home also don't Hesitate to share video topics you would Like me to touch on in the next video Someone wrote in about editing and Reviewing content jobs so I'll make sure I share some of those shops in my next Video I wish you guys nothing but the Best take care You are looking for more ways to make Money from home as a beginner online Make sure you pick up my guide 20 Beginner friendly ways to make money Online with 150 companies I made sure That I did all the research for you guys I researched over 150 companies that you Guys can be able to sign up with apply With also you'll be able to learn Different ways to avoid scams how to Identify if a company is legitimate or Not you know different sites that you Can be able to check you'll find a lot Of good nuggets in this video whether You are a team stay-at-home mom you are Retired and you're just wanting to Transition to working from home so make

Sure you pick up that guide I'll leave My link in the description box below I Appreciate you guys for watching take Care guys Hey guys welcome today I would like to Share with you some virtual receptionist Jobs that you can be able to find online We are going to go over what a virtual Receptionist does you know some skills That are ideal for you to become a Virtual receptionist as well as places That you can go online to find Administrative secretarial jobs that you Can do from home so you will want to Keep watching to learn more about all of These companies and how you can apply Today Thank you

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