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Happy Sunday two chicks fam it's me Carl And I am back with a non-phone data Entry work from home job but before I Jump in make sure you guys subscribe Like and share the video because on this Channel we give away laptops and we are Giving away 10 more brand new laptop Computers absolutely free we already Have them in our possession all you guys Have to do is share the video invite Your friends your family members over Here to the channel and be sure to leave Us a comment down below don't forget to Check out that video I posted last night On the channel discover is hiring guys To work from home make sure you guys Check it out and share hop over to the Two chicks blog look under the spotlight Job section make sure you guys apply for Omni interactions and then scroll down And look for tell us tell us as they Skip the interview part-time non-phone Job also guys don't forget to let us Know in the comments what type of work From home home job or side hustle you Guys are looking for and be sure to sign Up for Branded surveys the link is in The comments section let's get into the Video so the company is cardinal health And you guys have heard us talk about This company before they are looking to Hire work from home data entry reps so It says here that you will be Responsible for answering emails and

Facts from customers to place orders or Reorders of medical supplies so this Sounds like a straightforward easy peasy Job it says that the new hire training Will take place Monday through Friday From 8 30 a.m to 5 p.m Eastern Standard Time and mandatory attendance is Required so that means guys you cannot Miss any days a lot of these companies Are like that they don't want you to Miss any days when it comes to the Training the position it is full-time 40 Hours a week it says employees are Required to have flexibility to work any Of our shift schedule during our normal Business hours which is 8 A.M to 9 pm Eastern Monday through Friday and 9 A.M To 3 P.M Eastern on Saturdays it says That the agents assigned a shift with a Saturday workday you will receive a Shift differential of one dollar Agents assigned a shift that ends at or After 8 PM you will receive a shift Differential of two dollars so that's Not bad at all now you will have to have A high school diploma it is required two To four years of experience that is only Preferred prior computer experience Using Microsoft Office systems required Computer Service I mean customer service Experience preferred previous facts Experience this is all preferred prior Experience in data entry so you will Need some type of data entry experience

It says that the customer care Specialist is responsible for performing All tasks related to translating the Customers info including but not limited To the demographics the product info and The order info you will process customer Orders make decisions on document Interpretation enters accurate info into The system meets performance and service Level goals outlined by the department And they do have some other things Listed it here now the pay guys as you Can see it says 16.75 an hour but if you Do those shift diff it will equal 17.75 or 18.75 so again the company is Cardinal health go over to Google type In Cardinal Health get some information About the company jot it down just in Case you apply and you get an interview You want to be prepared and not Surprised so they do provide equipment This company does provide equipment guys And This is a full-time work from home job The pay is going from 16.75 to 1875. the Link to this job will be posted right Below the video in the description box So you guys can check it out and apply Don't forget to do the research and Don't forget to take the video and share The video there are a lot of people guys Looking for a legit especially data Entry work from home jobs and I see tons And tons of scams being posted all over

Social media each and every single day So let's help these people out let's Push this information out to the masses Because we know on this channel we give All the legit work from home jobs the Side gigs and the side hustles make sure You guys don't forget to leave us a Comment down below and then you want to Hop on over to Facebook we have four Giveaways going on with our brand so the Next place you want to go is to the Facebook group it is kiss that cubicle Goodbye make sure you share invite your Friends your family members and leave us A comment somewhere guys and then you Want to follow us on our Facebook Business page it is two chicks with the Side hustle make sure you share the Videos the blog content or whatever you Guys want to share and leave us a Comment over there as well because once We reach a hundred thousand followers on Their platform guys we will be giving Away two additional laptops brand new And absolutely free and we're going to Give away some other things such as Maybe keyboards mouse pads ring lights Ink pens t-shirts coffee mugs things Like that and don't forget guys to Follow us on Instagram Instagram it is Two chicks with the side hustle because On Instagram we're trying to get to 10 000 followers and guys we are so close We're almost there so make sure you come

Over there invite a friend tell a friend Share create a story put us in your Reels share share share but don't forget To leave us that comment somewhere my Name is Carol I hope you guys have a Wonderful Sunday and I'll catch you guys In the next video Bye YouTube

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