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Foreign [Music] Welcome back I hope everybody's doing Good today I'm doing great and I'm back With another video for you guys so this Video right here I'm going to be telling You guys about five healthcare companies That have remote jobs okay so this is Just five of the many health care Companies that have remote jobs and if You like this video I'll definitely come Again with some more companies but we're Going to go ahead and get into it and I'm just going to show you guys what Jobs the companies have at the time of Me filming this video now when this Video goes live I cannot guarantee that The same jobs will be available this Video is for informational purposes only So definitely keep these companies on Deck if you're interested in these type Of jobs okay so let's go ahead and get Straight into it so let's talk about the First company and that's going to be Elephant health and we're just going to Go ahead and go to their career section So now that we're in their career Section you're going to want to search Remote you're going to always do this When you're looking for jobs and let's See what comes up so one of the first Jobs is a remote job and that is a job That was just posted yesterday which Would be January 24th and let's just

Scroll and see what else they have they Have the configuration manager the Workday analyst data engineer so they Have your entry level jobs and they do Have the higher paying jobs as well Check out the customer service rep of Course we know what this job entails but Let's see if they show us any pay for This job right here you would be working The shift between the hours of 7 A.M and 11 p.m they do have seven day a week Availability so let's see if we can find Some pay they do have paid training for You which is great of course and Benefits as well and they're not Mentioning the pay but of course you Already know you can find the pay on Glassdoor or you can do a Google Search And try to find the pay so for their Customer service job you only need one Year of call center experience they do Have heavy call volume between 50 and 100 calls daily so that's pretty typical For customer service let's check out the Payroll associate job this is a full Full-time job that they have right now And you're going to be processing hourly Timesheets so they're only asking for One year of experience for their payroll Job and the pay for this one is 45k a Year so they are letting you know the Pay for their payroll job so again they Do have some good jobs available Definitely go ahead and check them out

So let's move on to teledoc health I Have featured this company on the Channel probably once I just found out About this company last year but they do Have some really good remote jobs so Let's go ahead and check and see what They currently have right now and you Would be viewing jobs by location they Do have locations in Europe and Canada So make sure you click us if you're in The US so searching remote we see the Member Outreach specialist we see an Expert coach we see a manager for Retention marketing also they have an HR Data governance and quality manager so They have quite a few remote jobs as Well but let's go ahead and talk about Out the member Outreach specialist so as A member Outreach specialist you're Going to be responsible for supporting Outreach programs to lavongo members and Prospective members across a variety of Outbound phone campaigns examples of Potential campaigns would be outreaching To new members who assist them with Utilizing their newly received livongo Medical device but with this job right Here they're looking for one to three Years of customer service experience Preferably in the medical device Pharmaceutical or other highly regulated Industry and this shop pays between 19 And 21 an hour so yeah definitely check This one out hopefully it will be

Available when I upload this video so Let's move on to the next company and The next company is going to be Multi-plan okay so I myself have applied For jobs with multi-plan they do tend to Get back to you fairly quickly so you Know that's pretty good also but let's Go ahead and check out what they Currently have once we filter it to Remote do see a few jobs here and I see An investigation specialist they also Have customers service Representatives As well this would be outbound call Center customer service 17 an hour and You would be working 40 hours a week you Can work between 9 A.M and 7 P.M Eastern Time twice per year you are able to pick From available shifts so that's good as Well they would like for you have a Minimum of six months experience in an Office environment call center or Telephone experience in a similar Environment or industry so they're not Asking for a whole lot of experience You're going to also get benefits with This job as well so this is definitely a Good little job to start off with Especially if you're new to customer Service so definitely check out Multi-plan and the other jobs that they May have available for you next up we Have the company Health Advocate and I've posted Health Advocate jobs on the Channel before Also let's go to their

Career section to see what they Currently have they tend to have quite a Few remote jobs but what I will say About them they do take a long time to Respond and they seem to have a high Turnover they do post a lot of the same Jobs frequently I do have a few jobs That were posted six and seven days ago I wouldn't recommend applying for jobs That are more than like two weeks old Anything after that it's kind of you Know a job shouldn't really be on a site More than two weeks if it stays on Longer than that I have to kind of Wonder if they're really hiring okay so But they have the e2h Management Consultant here they also have a quality Assurance specialist they have a claim Specialist let's take a look at this Claim specialist it is full time you're Going to be responsible for handling Assigned claims cases in a timely manner To identify opportunities to resolve the Issue by working with planned documents Carriers providers and members you're Going to also research billing issues It's going to be twenty dollars an hour It's full time Monday through Friday so That's good and you can work shifts Between the hours of 8 A.M and 10 p.m Eastern Standard Time so Monday through Friday is always great they're not Asking for a whole lot of experience With this particular job they just want

You to have a high school diploma or GED And an associate degree from an Accredited college or university is Preferred that is not required a minimum Of one-year customer service health care Or claims processing experience is Required basic knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel is required and they want You to have some knowledge of the Affordable Care Act Medicare Group Benefits medical benefits Pharmacy Benefits dental benefits and vision Benefits so yeah they do have quite a Few jobs definitely go ahead and check Them out let's move on to the last Company and that is going to be Previa Health and out of all of these companies Previa health is the most common that I've heard of I feature them on the Channel tons of times here's their Career section so they have the remote Jobs right here for you so so as you see They have the coding educator they also Have the physician educator they also Have payer Partnerships associate Platform optimization administrator so They do have a few remote jobs let's go Ahead and check out the payer Partnerships associate with this job you Will be overseeing account management And serve as lead project man manager of Value-based contract initiatives in Conjunction with business analytics and Population Health Market leads you're

Going to troubleshoot issues across both Previa and payer Partners across all Lines of business and you will be the Key Communicator across payers and Direct inquiries to the appropriate Privy health Team you need to have a Bachelor's degree in one to three years Of experience with this job and I don't See anything regarding the pay for this Job like I said earlier in the video you Can get that pay from Glassdoor or do a Google search Okay so yeah these are all The companies that I wanted to show you Guys today these are just some of the Many healthcare companies that provide Work from home jobs if you guys want Another video like this definitely let Me know and I can do another one no Problem the links to the company career Sections will be in the description bar For you so good luck to anyone who Applies for any of these jobs of course I appreciate you so much for watching Leave any questions or comments below And I'll see you guys in my next video

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