Amazon Hiring Again! $19 An Hour + Equipment! Processing Online Retail Orders Work From Home Job

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Hey y'all it's me Carl and I am back With another work from home video but Before I get into it make sure you guys Subscribe like and share on this channel Guys we give away laptop computers they Are brand new and they are absolutely Free anybody can win these laptops just Take the video go post it on your social Media platforms but don't forget to come Back and leave us a comment now Yesterday I dropped a lot of videos on The channel and if you miss them make Sure you guys go back and check them out Don't forget to come over here to the Two chicks blog look on the home page Look for Telus International the Raider Position it is now open 14 an hour Non-phone no experience work whenever You want no interview be sure to apply Today also guys let us know in the Comments what type of work from home job Or side hustle you are looking for and Be sure guys to sign up for Branded Surveys the link is in the comment Section and we got some people here guys That make up to fifty dollars a day off Of this website so be sure to sign up Let's hop in so Amazon is the company They are hiring for their shop Bop Client again and this is for the Customer support specialist customer Service now this one guys it is Full-time direct hire that pays 19 an Hour it says that we are a call center

Open from 7am to nine PM Central Standard Time seven days a week must Have the flexibility to work a variety Of shift assignments including nights Weekends holidays and overtime in the During the peak season so it says that This role is a fully remote work from Home position and they do have I believe Some State restrictions Um listed on the website so again guys This one is 19 an hour the company is Shop Bob they are partnered with Amazon So it says that in this customer support Specialist you will be the voice of Shopbop Fielding real-time calls in a Virtual call center environment from Customers globally the ideal customer Support specialist is caring and Compassionate enthusiastic Solutions Oriented also committed to providing Outstanding service to all of our Customers it says that you will act as a Brand ambassador for shopbop providing World-class service to all customers be The first point of contact to resolve Customer issues and complaints across Multiple channels in a timely manner Communicating through email phone live Chat and or social media provide Customers with critical service and Product info ensuring customer Satisfaction demonstrates sound Understanding and comprehensive Knowledge of the shop Bob's full range

Of products and also Services you will Handle customer inquiries and or cases Through different channels in a timely And professional manner decisions in Consideration of the Paul policies and Procedures within the service level Agreement now I do see here guys basic Qualifications two plus years of Experience with a luxury customer Service focused environment excellent Verbal and written communication skills Able to handle difficult conversations With a high level of empathy and Integrity you must be confident to make Decisions with late returns faulty goods And compensations if necessary Proficiency in basic math with ability To com compute refunds before and after Discounts and apply specified Percentages tiered promotional codes and Partial discounts to order ability to Work a set schedule is a scheduled start Stop breaks and lunches which includes Nice weekends and also holidays with Required overtime as business needs Flexibility required during the peak Times and they do have some other things Listed here I see the ability to break Your entire shift using a computer while Stationed at a desk wearing a headset And turn on the camera when requested by Leadership this is a virtual role and Requires a homework area that is free From background noise where you can

Connect to the virtual internet and work On deliverables as well so again the Company is Amazon they are partnered With shop Bob shop Bob is the client That you will be working for through Amazon this is a full-time direct hire Position the pay is 19 an hour now this One is posted on the two chicks blog There will be a link right below the Video in the description box so you guys Can check out Amazon sounds like a great Client to work for guys sounds like a Straightforward client to work for However since I don't work for the Company then you guys will need to go Over to Google and do some research just In case you get an interview you would Want to be prepared for that interview And not surprised make sure you share my Video somebody out that wants to work For Amazon and work wants to work for This client so make sure you tell a Friend that Amazon has a client by the Name of shopbot that pays 19 an hour Make sure you guys don't forget to come Back and leave us a comment hop over to Facebook join kiss that cubicle goodbye Follow the other social media platforms Because we got a lot of giveaways going On and if you want to be a part of these Giveaways and also not just that but of Course a part of these platforms be sure To follow us two chicks with the side Hustle that is the Facebook business

Page we also have an Instagram and we Have a Twitter two chicks with the side Hustle guys my name is Carl and I will Catch you wonderful lovely amazing People on the next video bye You too

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