Amazon Is Now Laying Off 10,000 Workers Who Were Told To “Find Another Job”??

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Earlier this week on November 15 2022 Right before the holidays Amazon starts A widespread layoffs in corporate ranks Now I find this to be very ironic but I Did a video last week updating in Regards to the stimulus packages that Were being offered during the holiday Season right before Thanksgiving and Here we have Amazon starting a Widespread layoff around the same time Isn't that ironic now in a dramatic Turnaround from its constant expansion Of the past decade Amazon began laying Off corporate employees on Tuesday Becoming the latest of the tech Giants To slash its Workforce in an Increasingly uncertain economic climates Amazon employees were called into Meetings with their managers across the Country and many were told they had two Months to find another job internally or Accept severe payments now finding Another job internally posts some issues One if you are laying off so many of Your employees that's a lot of Competition right you're going to be up Against your colleagues for a position Within the company and so your best Option is to start applying for external Jobs outside of the company and Accepting a severance payments how long Will that last until you're able to find And secure another position so I guess It depends on how much that Severance

Payment will be so the e-commerce giant Is expected to cut about 10 000 workers Or three percent of its corporate Workforce the company started Communicating the layoffs to employees On Tuesday afternoon according to people Familiar with the matter who spoke on The condition of anonymity to describe Sensitive matters okay so they gave this Information anonymously to the news Reporters now of course Within hours of Layoffs beginning if you start hearing The word layoffs you're going to start Looking for new jobs so that's basically What these employees are starting to do Started to do so they started posting on LinkedIn and Anonymous workplace app to Say they have been cut and were looking For new jobs these employees also Reported that they were told little very Little about the layoffs they have not Received any company-wide communication Or notices and this was reported by two Corporate workers who spoke on the Condition of anonymity to discuss Sensitive matters right so Amazon didn't Give them any notice there was nothing Communicated to these employees so they Went to work as usual to earn their Income and probably preparing for the Holidays and all of a sudden they're Called into an office and told that They're being laid off and only imagine How that would feel right so I'm going

To talk a little bit about this issue so Check out the rest of this video I have A few things I want to touch on as well As some encouragements to those who are Going through this situation and how you Can cope with this situation Hi everyone this is Melissa from and welcome back to Another video so this is the impromptu Video it is currently I believe 9 p.m Eastern Standard Time that I'm shooting A video okay and I have my daughter Around so if you hear some noises that's Just her so I just want to get on camera Real real quickly to just share Something that has been on my heart to Share Um it has to do with the current state Of the economy okay so I was gonna do a Live I was thinking about doing a live But then I was like I didn't want you Guys to keep me up because when you get On live You guys will keep people online for way Too long okay and I can't go past my Bedtime So I decided to just go ahead and just Record this video and post it for Whoever is interested in you know Hearing all right so in the current news What's been going on in the economy There's so many different things that is Happening okay I came across this news Information

Um within the past 24 hours Amazon a Company that I share on my channel for Remote-based jobs work from home Positions because they always have you Know jobs that they post on a website That cater to those who are interested In working from home okay and they Currently still have some job openings Now are those jobs being filled I'm not Sure but there are some jobs available So I just you know felt it was ironic That now we have Amazon Um doing this widespread layoff well It's not necessary necessarily ironic This has happened before with other Companies so of course when I came Across this news I just felt led to Create this video because I know that You know it is affecting everyone and When it affects a certain group of People it it affects the rest of us Whether we know it or not it can be very Stressful to be laid off your job that You've been working for however long That was used to support your family and To support yourself it could be very Stressful and be very difficult Amazon Has laid off I saw in one news report 10 000 employees in the tech field was Included and of course Tech positions Are positions that I praise because you Always need tech support and so that Career field will always be available in My opinion but the only thing with that

Is when you work for a giant company or Big companies such as Amazon where you Can get cut from a job or you know What's going on with Amazon are you Getting layoffs you find yourself in a Situation where okay how am I going to Prom how will I provide for my family And most people will say okay I need to Find a job let me put in some Applications let me see what's available Out there at this time because I need to Continue you know moving forward and Bringing bringing in some income from my Family and then there are other people Who don't deal with it that way okay They will get stressed out and go Through the motions and it's okay if you Are that person to you know handle it in That way it's okay it's okay to go Through the motions we are humans it's Okay to cry it's okay to feel frustrated And have anxiety or you know to panic a Little bit but you don't want to stay in That state okay after you go through the Motions you want to get up and you want To devise a plan of action one thing That I learned and witnessed during uh Covid-19 is the fact that it was the Birth of some many entrepreneurs and the Reason for that was of course you know People were no longer working or some People lost their jobs and they had no Other choice but to either start their Job hunting of course it became very

Competitive so it was very difficult to Even get a job or hear back from Companies so they had to devise another Plan to you know get them out of their Financial bind or situation and so there Were a lot of entrepreneurs and business Owners that were birthed out of that Pandemic okay so that is a testament in My opinion that we all have gifts and Abilities within us that we can utilize In tough situations all right and it's In my opinion never good thing to depend On you know politicians or the Governments just my personal opinion but I do believe that they should take care Of their people which brings me to the Whole stimulus package interesting Honestly I think it should be more than That I totally agree with those who Comment and say it should be way more Than that because one thousand dollars You blow that within a day all right Um and then you have Black Friday and I Hear people planning on spending it on Black Friday so that'll be gone within 24 hours a week So it's really not a lot of money you Can live off of especially if you are Making a certain amount you're used to Having a certain amount coming in your Household now for those that are like Man I'm good with a thousand dollars Then yeah it's definitely beneficial to Those who need that money okay but I do

Believe that the government can do way More than that but at the same time we Should also have our own safety nets Okay when things happen such as layoffs It's good to have a job where you can go To work nine to five and know that You're gonna have a certain amount of Income coming in you are rest assured of That but then what happens when Cuts Happen and layoffs happen when there's a Disruption in the economy now we don't Feel very safe with the job and then We're hearing news of layoffs and cuts That is coming and then we start to Shaking our boots and panic and have Anxieties and fears how will I how will I do deliver this news to my family when I get home that we're going to suffer a Loss of an income an extra income coming In because of this whole situation right So that is what happens and I do believe That all of us have the ability to be Entrepreneurs if you think of any Profession that profession that you held Within a corporate job or a company such As Amazon you gain skills that you can Package to service others under the Title of an entrepreneur or freelancer a Contractor every profession that is Being done currently you can do it Independently for yourself let's say you Did customer service you can offer Customer service as an independent Contractor and offer companies and

Businesses your service to provide Customer service for them all right or Becoming a virtual assistant and working For various uh CEOs who need someone to Schedule appointments or who needs Someone to just keep them under p's and Q's okay so that's my personal belief in That area and I do believe in having Multiple streams of income coming in so That you don't just have a plan a and no Plan B C or D going on and if you were To fall there's nothing to catch you That's my take on it for those who may Have been affected by this layoff I want You to stay encouraged and to think About the fact that you know there are People who came out of your situation Became very successful in building Something tapped into their creativity Got their gears running and was able to Find something that worked for them and Became very much successful in doing That okay it just takes willingness to Be able to make it happen and it can Happen because again during that Pandemic worth a lot of successful Entrepreneurs who found success by Finding themselves okay I used to work As a legal secretary for a law firm in New York and I will get in conversations With lawyers and they would give me Stories of what they desire to do and it Was always about starting a business I Wanted to start a restaurant I would

Like to start a fashion brand okay these Are lawyers and that was their passion But they got stuck in a profession to Pay off loans or for status to say that I'm a lawyer et cetera et cetera I also Had other gifts and talents brought them Satisfaction okay so that's basically What I want to share with you in this Video I wanted to just come on here and Just talk about the whole situation That's happening to just you know let You know what's happening currently in Our economy so I have to get off thank You so much for watching thanks to me Cheddar chatter and lastly I want to let You know that my channel is just to Bring you the opportunities that are Available to you I also share some side Hustles and some business ideas just to Help you in your situation as well okay If you decide to stay and stick around You know you can hit that subscribe Button and hang out with the ma Community

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