Amazon Pays $16 per hr | Virtual Customer Care Work from Home Review

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Amazon pays 16 per hour virtual customer Care work from home review Africa at Work from home jobs pronounced AF free QT Amazon Link in description job title Virtual customer care Amazon Pharmacy This is a fully remote work from home Position with Amazon a customer care Advisor you will have an essential role In empowering customers to take their Medication correctly Again the position is fully remote and You will be working from home This position requires a flexible Reduced hour schedule that may be Outside of regular hours This position is 30 to 39 hours per week But may require more or less hours due To workload pay 16 per hour key job Responsibilities you will virtually Assist customer and other advisors over The phone email and on the web with Billing Insurance verification product Or service questions Manage both inbound and outbound calls Proactively identify solutions to Questions take a Hands-On approach to Resolving issues help answer customer Inquiries provide customers with support And serve customers in a timely manner Basic qualifications this posted Position you must reside the State of Arizona Check Amazon website for positions in Other states you will need a high school

Diploma or equivalent six or more months Of professional experience with computer And web-based tools experienced in Multitasking and phone and computer Skills hardwired broadband internet Connection ability to change schedule Ability to work in a home environment Free of distractions Preferred qualifications one or more Years of relevant phone or email Customer service experience excellent Communication skills experience working In customer service or call center Experience working in healthcare Environment experience working under Pressure and demonstrated ability to Work as a team member Amazon is committed to diverse and Inclusive workplace Amazon is an equal Opportunity employer and does not Discriminate see other jobs available Like customer service specialist area Manager customer service tech and more Indeed rates Amazon 3.5 stars on reviews Jobs salaries benefits interview and More With over 800 reviews the people has Over 12 000 with 5 Stars over ten Thousand with four stars over eight Thousand with three stars and four Thousand with two stars and almost 5001 Stars one former employee on March 31 2023 raids three stars and says it was Okay another former employee on April

2nd 2023 rates five stars and says good Work environment Due to varying ratings let's read and See what others have to say [Music] Thank you [Music] Remember [Music] Thank you [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Thank you [Music] [Music] [Music] Thank you [Music] Foreign [Music] Thank you [Music] Come on [Music] [Music] [Music]

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