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Foreign Welcome back I hope everybody's doing Good this morning I'm doing great and of Course I'm back with another job for you Guys and this is going to be another no Customer service no phone job and it's Coming from the company sella and you Guys seem to like these type of jobs so I'm gonna go ahead and bring them to you If that's what you like this one right Here is remote in the US and it's going To be a job as a proofreader copy editor You can be in the US this is a freelance Job and you're going to make between 30 And 40 dollars an hour but this is a W-2 Job at the same time okay so let's go Ahead and get straight into the details With this job right here you will be Reading and providing comments on all Studio projects including but not Limited to print digital web and writing Projects and you're going to be Responsible for the accuracy of References web addresses phone numbers Footnotes also compliance with brand Guidelines consistency and accuracy of Layout components that's going to Include spacing capitalization Nation Etc you're going to also need to ensure All client annotations are understood And addressed as necessary copy editing Assistance to improve content and Readability also you're going to provide The final sign off for proofreading of

Projects prior to client release and Adhere to Studio standard operating Procedures and workflows so they'd like For you to have a ba in Communications Journalism or English or equivalent five Plus years of professional experience Proofreading also corporate or in-house Advertising agency experience project Management tool experience Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat experience with Ap and or Chicago Manual of style and Standard proofreading marks also clear And concise edits and or recommendations Mastery of spelling grammar punctuation And context also the ability to apply Proofreading best practices be able to Communicate clearly and promptly with Content team lead and Studio staff Closely collaborate with designers and Writers and operate effectively in a Fast-paced and environment with the Ability to prioritize tasks and projects Also have an excellent eye for design Consistency and layout and be a team Player again this job is going to pay Between 30 and 40 dollars an hour now it Says for certain assignments covid-19 Vaccination or testing may be required By Stella's client or applicable federal Mandate subject to approve medical or Religious accommodations carefully Review the job posting for details on Vaccine testing requirements or ask a Seller representative for more

Information this one does not say Anything about the vaccine being Required which is great and to apply for This job you will need to register so of Course if you're interested in applying You can find a link in the description Bar you guys know if you have any Questions or comments you can leave Those below and as usual thank you guys So much for watching I'll see you in my Next video and good luck to everyone who Applies for the job

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