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Foreign [Music] And I'm back with another video so in Today's video this is coming from CVS Health this work from home job lead this Company is currently hiring they have Multiple positions available for Remote-based work but of course this is The first I've ever seen a position Where they're offering non-phone-based Opportunities especially in data entry So they're looking for a data entry Operator to work for CVS this is fully Remote there are no State restrictions Listed in this job listing but of course You may get something different if you Go and apply from your state so if you Do apply depending on where you are and You receive any notification from CVS That they're not hiring hiring in your Particular State then make sure you post It in the comments section under this Video so that others can see it if they Also reside in your location okay so for This particular job you'll be providing Support services such is documents Imaging data entry administrative Support for Stateside and overseas mail You will be helping CVS to make sure These behind the scenes business Activities run smoothly on a daily basis So the paying range for this job Typically pay is between 17 to 27 Dollars per hour twenty seven dollars

Per hour is the maximum and Seventeen Dollars is the minimum for this Particular position so keep in mind that This range represents the pay range for Opposite positions in the roll grade Within which this position Falls the Actual salary offer will take into Account a wide range of factors Including locations so they can take Into Factor your level of experience as Well as your past work experience things Of that nature okay so you will you can Expect to get the minimum of 17 per hour If you're let's say entry level type of If you have entry level experience or if You have like Advanced experience after Advanced experience is 27 per hour in This row so required qualification Patients you are required to be familiar With Microsoft Excel ability to work Well independently strong attention to Detail customer service Focus or Customers Focus organizational skills They also have their preferred Qualifications so if you have these Preferred list of qualifications then I Highly suggest that this might be the Job for you go ahead and apply for this Position if you have basic knowledge and Understanding of Microsoft programs such As word word excel and Outlook and this Is preferred education I just needed to Have a high school diploma or Ted GED Okay so as you notice there is no prior

Experience needed so you don't need to Have experience to apply for this Particular position they're hiring Everywhere in the us at the time of this Video they were hiring this can change At any time so if you're looking to get You know Head Start in applying for this Position and hopefully Landing this Position you definitely want to have a Good resume a remote friendly resume to Apply for positions with companies such As CVS so check out my resume templates In the description section below this Video or my resume Services my resume Templates are ready to go for you to Apply for positions you're just filling In the details with your with your Related skills work history and your Experience okay so I'm just going to Give you a quick view of what one of the Resume template looked like this is Basically the layout for one of the Templates that is in my Pro resume Template bundle so you will get cover Letter you will get a resume and a thank You note in that bundle so this is the Resume it is ATS friendly which is very Important and you want something very Basic and simple to have all the Important things right up front Okay so That recruiters can see it immediately When looking at your resume which will Give you a foot up among other Candidates so check out my resume

Templates they are ready to go you just Fill in your personal details with your Information and submit your resume as Well as your cover letter to get the Best chance at Landing a position with CVS in their data entry position all Right well I wish you all the best of Luck happy work from home bye-bye

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