What’s the foundation for creating boundaries?

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Foreign [Music] How do you help folks understand One to want to do it and two to Understand you know what it’s going to Actually do for them to be able to have Boundaries Yeah so I speak about boundaries Um and it’s so important to me because It’s something where there was a time in My life where I had terrible boundaries That I didn’t have boundaries and it’s It’s something that I’m still working on And as I work on it there’s deeper and Deeper layers to how boundaries play out In your life yeah and what I have Discovered is when you lack boundaries There’s there’s a good chance you also Lack self-worth and self uh self-love And so it’s it’s kind of interesting Because people come to me wanting me to Help them with time management and Productivity and and work-life balance But what we you know what it often is is Just simply learning to choose yourself Yeah to choose you to choose your health To choose yourself and one of the things That I do it’s called calendar Blueprinting technique that I teach and First and foremost it’s we put on our Calendar what is important yet we don’t Put time for ourselves we don’t put our Lunch we don’t put our breaks we don’t Put our you know breakfast morning

Workout whatever even if most people Aren’t even doing those things if They’re not on their calendar right yeah And so it’s first about putting yourself First and putting yourself first on your Calendar and starting to hold yourself Accountable to that and learning Self-accountability throughout the Programs that I that I that I have Um and so that’s that’s usually the First step is just really just driving It home with them that you are the most Important person in your life I am the Most important person in my life yeah so And if if my life doesn’t reflect that Then that’s an indication that I Actually don’t truly value yeah myself [Music]

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