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You’re going to make up to seventy Thousand dollars per year with this work From home job that you don’t even need a Degree for let’s get into it what’s up Everybody welcome back to the channel Let’s Dive Right into these jobs in just A sec because first I need to tell you At the end of this video I’m gonna go Into detail about why you need to dive Head first into this method of working For yourself so that you will never be Fired from another job ever again so if You want the details to that first link Down in the description box below we’ll Get you there now but if you want some More details be sure to hang out to the End of the video okay let’s jump right Into these jobs so the first one that We’re going to look at today is from a Company called rest Med they actually Supply medical grade equipment for Different things like sleep apnea and Mechanical ventilation so the position We’re looking at today is a customer Service specialist now they do have over 500 jobs already listed on the website Right now so make sure you go ahead and Search through those If this job itself Doesn’t check all you boxes now this job Is 100 remote they do however have Different areas in which you can work so Not everywhere in the United States is Accepted but they do have a list right Here that you can go ahead and check out

To see if you qualify for Um their remote positions so if you Already work at a call center this will Be the perfect job for you because you Do some of the same tasks that you Already do now you get to do them from The Comforts of your very own home and The pay ain’t too bad either you are Going to be making inbound and outbound Calls to the patients to either help Them re-up on their supplies or even to Help them figure out how the equipment That they have Works in their own home Not not like you go in there to figure Out how their Equipment Works you’re Going to help them over the phone to Figure that out while they’re at home This of course means that you’re gonna Have to understand a little bit about The equipment and how it works and what They are going to need to do at home for Them to be able to use the equipment in The right way to be able to get the most Benefits out of it like any call center Up you’re gonna need to make sure that You are making detailed notes about what You went over with the person after you Do your call now we talked about not Needing a degree and no you don’t need a Degree for this job either you do However need a high school diploma or Equivalent but they do prefer if you do Have an associate’s degree or some type Of college coursework another

Requirement is that you’re going to need One year of call center experience or Equivalent it doesn’t really say but I Would say customer service experience is Definitely an equivalent to this and you All know how I feel about customer Service like we’ve all done this at one Time or another if you’ve literally Worked for anybody customer service is Something that you can put on your Resume so of course they want you to be All the things that come with working at A call center being able to communicate Effectively on paper and verbally but They also want you to be able to have a Quiet workspace and be able to be really Good at working independently and Actually getting your work done this Position also does come with benefits so Let’s go over a few so they got your Standard benefit Dental Health Vision They also have a health savings account They also do 401K they also do have a Stock purchase plan which honestly Um if you’re working on nine to five Like I 100 encourage you to diversify Your money and find other ways in which You can start to bring in extra income And if Um investing in their stock where they Already have a stock purchase program For you like that’s super dope okay Everything else is really pretty Standard you get your uh standard

Vacation days off you get your paid time Off and different things like that but a Few of the things outside of the norm That they give you is a gym membership They also give you a discount on your Cell phone bill and they also do some Different events throughout the year oh And they also give you paid training so Look forward to that too and this one is Coming in at 17 an hour which really Isn’t too bad especially to be able to Work from home but if you need a little Little extra cash don’t forget stay to The end of this video because I’m going To let you know how my extra cash turned Into the whole bag okay okay so next up Is a company called Moody’s and they Help big wigs and people who make Decisions on a daily basis to make Better decisions so they gather all the Data and all the information that these Bigwigs would need and and deliver that Data to them so that they can make the Best decision possible so they help in Different fields like data and Technology and Commercial Real Estate And the position that we’re going to be Going over today is actually more geared Towards the commercial real estate side Which is actually super exciting for me Because behind the scenes y’all we’ve Been getting into some real estate and It is so exciting and so much fun if Y’all want me to go a little bit more

Into detail about how me and my husband Got into real estate what we’re doing in Real estate and how it has literally Changed everything for our family be Sure to give this video a thumbs up and Leave a comment down below and let me Know if you have any questions about Real estate if you ever wanted to get Into it and what has been stopping you Girl but anyway back to this job okay so This position is for a commercial real Estate researcher this one is 100 remote Across the entire United States so Because this company is all about the Numbers all about the research this is This is exactly what this position is About you are going to be diving deep on The numbers to make sure that you Deliver the best information possible to The other companies that are looking for This information so that they can make The best decisions possible so if you’re Not really into research or real estate Doesn’t interest you you probably are Not going to like this job you might Like the pay so make sure you keep Watching so you can know how much this Position actually pays I was really Surprised actually so what you’re going To be doing on a daily basis is Searching for different information to Make sure that it is accurate in terms Of the different properties that have Been listed making sure that all that

Information is correct and then Inputting it into the software that this Company has you’re going to be going Through different websites to make sure That this information is correct as well As reaching out to people over the phone Whether that be real estate professional Or whoever it might be you’re going to Need to contact them to make sure that The information that you are getting is The right information for the property That you are doing the research for now While this isn’t a cost Center job you Do so you do still need to make calls But they only expect you to make about 25 to 30 calls a day and this is in Reference to making sure the data is Accurate so you may or may not need to Do this many calls on a daily basis now Once you’ve collected data it does get Passed through through to their quality Assurance team and if they find any Errors within that you are going gonna Have to go back and make sure that you Make the necessary changes to any Information that you already put in now For the position they do want to make Sure that you understand data so they Want you to have experience working in a Data driven role so obviously you’re Going to need strong computer and data Entry skills they also want you to have Six months or more of telemarketing Experience customer service experience

Or any experience working in a call Center now those three things together For six months we got that okay they Also would prefer that you have Knowledge in real estate but that is not Required they also prefer that you have An Associates or a bachelor’s degree but Again that’s not required either however You do need to have your high school Diploma or equivalent in order to apply For the position so on this job you can Make up to forty four thousand dollars Per year but that is a base pay they Also um give you an annual incentive Package this company is also offering a Pretty good benefits package and they Also have this stock purchasing program As well now I also have a bonus job for Y’all because because I get a lot of Comments asking about jobs that give you Equipment and all kind of stuff like That so this job actually checked a lot Of those boxes Um and it might not be available next Week whenever I drop my next video so Here’s a bonus for you so this next Position is for a company called Bears Dev I really don’t know if that’s how You say it but they’re hiring for a data Entry specialist and of course we know It’s 100 remote you can work from the Comforts of your very own home you’re Basically going to be helping this Company to find new people to grow the

Company they say they’re one of the Fastest growing companies in the world And they need to keep up with the demand So this is what this position is going To do so what you’ll be doing is Managing the different job portals that They have and looking for professional Profiles for places that look like they Might be a good fit for the position You’ll also be researching and looking For new ways to find people that would Like to work for the this company now They do need you to be highly focused on Paying attention to detail they also Want you to have at least one year of Previous work experience it does not say Where how who what so obviously they’re Going to be training you for the job now They do provide the equipment that you Need to do everything so you get the Free setup that is going to be able to Be at your home they also have flexible Schedules they also provide parental Leave vacation and paid holidays as well As excellent compensation according to Them but let’s go ahead and get into What they’re actually paying now According to you can make up To 68 000 per year but look I promise to Tell you about a way that you can start To be in control of your own money Anyway now we talked about having Flexible schedules and making good money But did you know that all of this is

Really within your reach right now I Didn’t know that a few years ago and I Really didn’t realize how powerful the Internet really is so now I teach moms Just like you who are burnt out tired of Commuting barely seeing their kids and Really who is just tired of missing out On those special moments and you want to Find a way that you can make the money That you need to make but also be able To be with your kids and shoot just Relax yourself sometimes right like you Don’t always want to have to be in the The hustle and bustle flow and only Being able to relax on the one and a Half days that you get on the weekend Like what is that so A few years ago I Was in the same spot I struggled my Behind off I had twins it was too much There was no way I was going to be Working like the story is long but the Short version is I paid a lot of money To learn the things that I know now and All of that money you don’t need to Spend because I’m gonna teach you Exactly how you can start to partner With Amazon one of the biggest online And retailers that there is today and You can start to tap into billions of Dollars that this company makes to be Able to design a life that you would Love to live trust me I’ve talked to Some of y’all and I already know you’ve Got Big Dreams you’ve got people to take

Care of outside of your kids you got Parents that you want to care for you Got different things that you want to do And you need the money to be able to do It this I’m telling you is one of the Best opportunities that I’ve ever come By and I want to teach you all about how To do it how to leverage a business That’s already in place so that you Don’t have to do all the grunt work that It takes to start a business from Scratch so and you can literally Leverage the work that somebody else has Done to be able to make some really good Income for your family some Life-changing income for your family so If you want to learn more about that Definitely be sure to check out the link Down in the description box below I’m Practically giving away this information Um at the price that it is right now but Definitely go ahead and do it now be Because the price will be changing I Cannot leave it this cheap for long and I want you to get in and I want you to Be winning for you and your family

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