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Foreign Welcome back I hope everybody's doing Good today I'm doing great and I'm back With another job for you guys and this One is coming from the company Edge Euphoria they're currently looking for Customer support Specialists to work Full-time this job does have some pretty Decent pay for customer service so we're Gonna go ahead and get straight into the Details a little bit about this company They are a texas-based company and they Are making powerful and intuitive Web-based software for K-12 Educators so They can focus on spending more time With the students their software helps School districts analyze students Progress plan lessons and manage their Day-to-day activities okay so getting Into the details with this job you will Be providing limited instructional and Technical Support to school districts Answering questions via telephone and Email on the functions and usage of Eduforia's software applications you Will explain complicated Concepts to Customers and easy to understand terms Using both verbal and written Communication you will work with the Team in a virtual office to resolve or Escalate issues and you will provide an Exemplary level of service to the Customers so you'll be a great fit for Them if you have a positive attitude

You're well organized you're customer Focused and if you have experience in Customer service or saas products that's Preferred experience in teaching or work In the education industry is preferred Excellent interpersonal communication Work well with others and experience With eduforia's applications is a strong Plus it's not a requirement you are Going to get benefits with this job and Of course you can work remotely you're Going to also get cell phone Reimbursement and reimbursement for Business related expenses and this job Does have a pay between 45k and 50k per Year and here's the application for this Job right here they do have quite a few Questions that they want you to answer So it's not going to be super quick but Of course if you're interested in Applying you can find the link in the Description bar if you guys have any Questions or any comments feel free to Leave those below and as usual thank you Guys so much for watching I'll see you In my next video and good luck to Everyone who applies for the job

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