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Hey hey hey happy hump day two chicks Family it is me Carl I am back with a Skiff the interview and background noise Is okay for this part-time work from Home job so if you have kids or pets you Should apply for this one make sure you Guys subscribe like and share today is Live stream Wednesday now I was thinking We could talk about non-phone jobs let Me know in the comments guys what do you Think we should talk about on this live Stream today make sure you guys share The video because on our Channel sharing Is caring and we are giving away 10 more Brand new laptop computers so we give Away laptops on this YouTube channel be Sure to spread the word go tell a friend Share the video come back though leave Me a comment down below don't forget to Let me know in the comments what type of Work from home job or side hustle you Guys are looking for and be sure guys to Come over here check out the new blog we Updated it two chicks with the side scroll down into Spotlight Jobs make sure you apply right here for Omni interactions they posted a Non-phone 10 phone part-time work from Home job on their platform today so be Sure guys to come over here and check it Out don't forget to sign up for Branded Surveys the link is down below in the Comment section let's jump in so the First thing you want to do is come over

Here to the blog check it out make sure You guys get on the email list make sure You get on the newsletter list guys Because tan sends out the newsletter Five days a week and you don't want to Miss out so two chicks with the side all you guys have to do is Scroll down to Spotlight jobs check it Out click on Yardie Matrix so your ID Matrix is the company that I am going to Talk about today guys they are hiring Again it says here that yachty Matrix Winter 2023 rent survey begins it's Already begun Tuesday January the three So they're still taking applications for This one okay tana and I used to work For this company used to be called Something else this is by far guys one Of the easiest side hustle eggs that you Can get in your basket the only thing You're doing is calling different Apartment complexes it could be on the West coast it could be on the East Coast It could be Down south or up north they would not Have you calling Apartments where you Live so get that in your head right now But it's easy so all you have to do is Call the apartments and you're Pretending to be a renter so you're Asking questions like how much is it for The one bedroom how much is it for the Two bedroom how much is it for the three Bedroom what is the square footage on

The one bedroom what are some of the Amenities that you guys have on this Property is there a walking A place for me to walk my pet do you Guys accept pets how much is the pet fee So I'm pretty sure you guys get the gist So let's just jump right on in it says Here that Yachty Matrix Apartment information Service is a high performance system With the sole function of supporting the Commercial apartment Industries dominant Participants the company's Services Monitor the 50 plus unit apartment Universe from the property level to the Supermarket Market level in a form Unique within the commercial Apartment Information industry now if you do a Good job with this company guys they Will let you come back season after Season so right now they are hiring for Their winter season and then pretty soon They'll hire again for the spring season But if you do a good job you won't have To reapply they were just grandfather You in to go on to the next season so it Says why do we conduct surveys and you Guys can just read the passage here you Will need a computer and a telephone so You can use your cell phone guys to make The calls with this company also The compensation is a little tricky so It says the surveyors will be paid six Dollars per hour and a piece rate of 50

Cents for surveys marked done so let's Just say in one hour you could do maybe 10 surveys depending on how fast you are So you would add that six dollars per Hour to those 10 surveys which is would Be Five dollars an hour so in one hour you Could possibly make eleven dollars which Is a great thing 30 cents for a surveys Marked wrong number 20 cents for surveys Marked part done and seven cents for Surveys marked answering machine or no Answer so whatever type of phone call You guys get whether the person answers The phone whether it's the wrong number Whether it's an answering machine or you Partially do the survey you still will Be paid 50 cents 30 cents 20 cents or Seven cents you will receive at least Minimum wage in your jurisdiction for All Hours worked however you can earn More depending on your speed and Efficiency and again guys this is easy You can have pets in the background you Can have children in the background Because they want you to seem like a Real renter so make sure you guys check This one out and you will just email Your resume to this person right here I Won't say the name on camera but you Will email your resume to this gentleman Here And that is all you have to do and it Says that the yardi Matrix rent survey

Or position is only available for Current U.S residents and citizens and I Believe you can live anywhere in the World and work for yardi Matrix I don't See any state restrictions on the Website however you guys can always go Right here for those FAQs or the about Us page and check more information out About the company so again you want to Come on the blog it is two chicks with The side you want to look Under the spotlight job section we've Made it easier for you guys to just Scroll one time look under there click On your ID Matrix you will come over Here to their website where you can read Through the information always do your Research guys go over to Google If you don't know who you already Matrix Is they were formerly known as Pierce Ellison and this is who we work For so it is the same company the name Just changed that's all you're still Doing the same thing if you previously Worked for Pierce Ellison and maybe you Don't know about your ID Matrix but it Is the exact same not it's exact same Company the names just change same Things though calling the apartments so Make sure you do some research about the Company now there's no interview you Will have to take some type of Assessment though and pass the Assessment in order to start working for

The company go on Facebook guys it may Be a fair I don't know but there may be A Facebook group about yardi Matrix so Make sure you guys check this one out This is a great side hustle egg Especially for those of you that have Children or pets or you have a noisy Background with people running in and Out of your house you guys should get This side hustle egg in your basket make Sure that you come make sure you share The video be sure to come back though Leave me a comment down below and then Hop on over to Facebook make sure you Join in our group it is kiss that Cubicle goodbye we are doing a giveaway Guys and I am so excited because we Haven't done a giveaway in the group I Don't think since 2020 since we first Opened the group so make sure you guys Hop over there and join us it is kiss That cubicle goodbye we're trying to get To 250 000 in the group so that we can Do this giveaway I don't know what we're Gonna give away but we're gonna give Away some prizes also while you're on Facebook follow us on our two chicks With the side hustle this is our Facebook business page because we are Giving away two additional laptops That's right let me say it again for the People in the back two additional Laptops brand new absolutely free come On over there follow us and share and

Then you want to hop over to Instagram Also follow us on Instagram guys it's Two chicks with the side hustle share Share share we are trying to get to 10 000 followers on their platform my name Is Carol and I will catch you wonderful Lovely amazing people in the next video Oh bye Bye YouTube

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