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Hey guys it's Suzanne back with your Second remote job lead this is an order Entry specialist which means you're Going to be processing orders from the Comfort of your home it's full time Remote it looks like it may be a Contract position it's with the company Cartesian and it's a Monday through Friday the qualifications are they want You to have some ordering experience Three years is required work Authorization required and they're going To pay up to around fifty five thousand Dollars a year this is based on indeed's Estimated salary so you'll have to check With them for sure what that's going to Be a little bit about the company They're a leading management consulting Firm providing strategic and operational Advisory services to global leaders in The Communications Digital Media and Technology Industries they have offices In Boston London Kansas City Philadelphia New York and Paris and for More information you can visit their Website They have an immediate opening for a Telecom order entry specialist who is Familiar with LEC ordering guidelines Now if you know what that is then you're Probably qualified I'm not really sure What that is three to five years of Experience with Telecom order entry Especially uh Lacs orders familiarity

With completing and sending asrs and Lsrs for various Services experience With various vendor systems for ordering Experience ordering experience with Oracle so there's a lot of technical Terms in here that probably only someone Who has this experience would actually Recognize so if you recognize it then You'll probably know that you can apply If you don't then maybe do some research On the internet uh three to six months Initially possibly with an extension Full-time contract Monday through Friday And they're going to ask you these Questions do you have experience using Metasolve and do you have experience With asrs and lsrs and three years of LEC ordering all right guys if this is You it sounds like a very nice job to me I'm going to go ahead and put that link Down Below in the description for you Otherwise I will see you guys tomorrow

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