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What's up two chicks fam it is me curl I Am back with another Non-phone Skippy interview work whenever You want part-time job or it could be a Side hustle now I already dropped three On the channel today make sure you guys Go back check out all the videos and get These side hustle eggs in your basket We're going to help you guys fill up Your baskets this month with a side Hustle a side gig or a work from home Job now let me know in the comments what Type of work from home job or side Hustle you guys are looking for be sure To smash the red subscribe button turn On that Bell notification make sure you Guys thumbs up these videos and share we Have already obtained 10 more brand new Laptop computers we have them in our Possession and we're trying to get to a Hundred thousand subscribers before the End of the year so make sure you share Go spread the word tell a friend be sure To come back and leave us comment don't Forget to go back guys and check out the Live stream that was posted on the Channel yesterday 10 non-phone chat jobs Companies are hiring right now make sure You guys hop over to the blog two chicks With the side look under the Spotlight job section be sure to apply For Omni interactions and make sure you Guys look down below and get branded Surveys in your basket let's get into

The video so the company is Gaggle Gaggle is looking for people to help Save the student lives they're looking For Content reviewers so it says here They are seeking independent contractors For a temporary Non-renewing contract position Monitoring online Student Activity now This contract work allows you the Flexibility to work within the Constraints of your own schedule the Choice is yours work when it works best For you see I like that the Gaggle Safety Management Department off offers A 24 7 service that is used to identify And uncover drug use bullying threats of School violence teen depression suicidal Intentions and abusive domestic Situations of students in grades K Through 12 through various forms of Communication now as an independent Contractor you would be supporting Gaggle's work in making a positive Impact to the lives of K-12 students you Will Monitor and analyze Student Activity to identify potentially Inappropriate usage including words Phrases statements images within email Google Drive Microsoft Office OneDrive And more Quickly and efficiently process at least 275 items per hour while maintaining a High level of accuracy escalate Questionable findings through the Gaggle

Safety team for additional in-depth Analysis communicate and collaborate via The chat with a nationwide team your Team members of course so the Requirements experience using various Computer and web-based applications in a Professional environment now with this One guys it did not say what web-based Applications it just said web-based Applications so don't think too hard Into this one anybody I believe can Apply for this one because you will have To take and pass and some like an Assessment Okay so the next one it says interest And enthusiasm For reading as the position requires Focused attention to reading content of Varying length so you're probably I'm Guessing in a forum where kids are K-12 So that's what 5 to 18 year olds and you Are making sure that there are no Harmful threats nobody is saying Anything crazy or talking crazy or Anything like that or anything that may Pertain to bullying drug use threats of School violence alcohol anything like That or domestic situations so you're Going to do a lot of reading basically You're like the hall monitor but the Hall monitor over a forum so this sounds Like an easy peasy job and I know the Last time we posted this company we did Have a few people that got hired so this

Is not a one of those hard ones but you Will have to take and pass some type of Assessment now I do see here experience With tech and social media cultures Ability to delineate between potentially Harmful student matters and harmless Situations so you have to kind of Delegate use your critical thinking Knowledge of Trends and slang used by Children and teenagers to help identify Potential issues ability to exhibit Tolerance of and respect for others Opinions strong communication skills Adaptability to change ability to work Independently experience working as an Independent contractor this is just Preferred It is not required access to High-Speed Internet satellite is not acceptable Access to a computer Chromebook or a Laptop now tablets and phones they are Not acceptable but we do have some People here that want to use a Chromebook so if you have a Chromebook Guys you are more than welcome to use it For this company experience with slack Or other business based chat Applications this is a plus and slack is Just like talking to someone on Messenger so that's nothing guys you can Always Google slack to see exactly what It is but it's basically a chat box and You're being like a chat room talking to Your

Employer or Your colleagues so that's basically what Slack is I've used slack before so again This one is a non-phone no interview Guys but you will have to take and pass Some type of test or assessment whatever You guys want to call it the company is Gaggle they're looking to feel their Content review position this is a easy Peasy one there's no interview required For this job I believe the pay is Somewhere around 10 11 dollars per hour That is where you guys come in be sure To do your own research know something About this company you're not going to Get an interview but you still would Want to know who you are working for so Go over to Google type in Gaggle see What comes up or go to Type in Gaggle see what comes up look at The reviews what people have to say About the company and use your better Judgment I would say this is a great Side hustle egg to get in your basket I Don't know if they're busy like every Single day or if it's just certain times Of the year maybe like the peak time When the kids are in school but maybe When school is out they're not busy I Have no idea what the schedule looks Like for this company so make sure you Guys do some research make sure you Share this awesome video with your Friends and family members because guys

We already have the 10 laptops we're Just waiting to the day that we reached A hundred thousand subscribers on this Channel so we can bless you guys with These laptops and the rest of these Items make sure you hop over to Facebook And join kiss that cubicle goodbye and You guys would want to follow us also Over on our Facebook business page it is Two chicks with a side hustle because We're giving away two additional brand New laptop computers they are absolutely Free same thing that we do on the Channel we're going to do it over on the Facebook business page so hop on over There follow us share like crazy go tell A friend spread the word heard all of That good stuff be sure to come back Leave us a comment over there so that we Can put your name on that giveaway list So you guys still have a chance to win Something from us if you have not Already it is not too late to start Following and sharing and then hop over To tick tock Twitter and Instagram make Sure you are following us on those Platforms as well because on Instagram Guys we we are doing a pop-up giveaway Before the end of the year so this means That we're gonna just come on the live Stream and give away something it could Be a hundred dollar cash app we have Been known to give away money could be a Ring light for those of you that want to

Start a YouTube channel it could be a Laptop computer you just never know what We're going to pull out of our bags so Make sure that you guys hop on over There two chicks with the side hustle Make sure you put us in your stories a Lot of you guys know how to create these Stories some of you guys already know How to create the real so create a real About what we do on this channel tell People to come over here and follow us On our YouTube channel or they can Follow us on our Instagram page however You guys want to share it it is totally Up to you or you can invite some people Over to the Instagram platform as well My name is Carl and I will catch you Wonderful amazing awesome people in the Next video bye YouTube [Music]

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