High Paying Non Phone Work From Home Job | Part Time | $35-$40 An Hour Remote Job Hiring Now 2022

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What's up two chicks fam it's me Carl I Am back with a non-phone part-time high Paying work from home job and I hope you Guys are still woke if you are new to Our Channel welcome please be sure to Subscribe like and share we are trying To give away 10 more brand new laptop Computers once we reach a hundred Thousand subscribers so make sure you Take the video share the video tell a Friend to tell another friend about what We do on this channel guys and make sure You come back leave us a comment now we Just got off of the live stream we Talked about 10 part-time companies that Are hiring right now so if you missed The live stream make sure you guys go Back and check out that video and this One that I'm going to talk about on this Video is part-time as well but this one Is just a high paying one make sure you Guys go back check out all the videos That were posted on the channel today And we did drop some side hustle eggs so Make sure you guys go back and catch Them don't forget to apply for Omni Interactions they are hiring like crazy For their income tax client go over to The two chicks with the side hustle.com Blog look under the spotlight job Section for Omni and make sure you get Branded surveys in your basket the link Is down below in the comments section Let's get into the video so the company

Is called impurity they are looking to Feel this CRM specialist contract work From home job so I'm not going to go Over everything because it's late and I Know you guys are probably ready to go To sleep so it says the contractor Road Will assist the CRM consultants and Marketing segmentation and campaign Results Reporting the task within the impurity Platform and Excel featuring a Combination of data entry and basic Excel calculation work this is a great Opportunity for someone interested in Learning about marketing or who has a Passion for data and Exhibits strong Attention to detail so this one guys Let's scroll on down they are stay Specific they are currently hiring California Colorado Connecticut Florida Georgia Illinois Indiana Massachusetts Maryland Minnesota North Carolina New Jersey New York Ohio Oregon PA Pennsylvania Texas Utah and this is Subject to change now guys for those of You that live in those hard to find States I do see that they have you you Posted on here California and New York Those are the two hardest states to find Work from home jobs the pay guys is 35 To 40 dollars an hour it says this is a Contract the duration is six to nine Months the hours are 10 to 20 hours per Week so make sure you guys go over to

Google do some research about the Company I will be sure to leave a link Down Below in the description box so you Guys can check out this company now if You are looking for more non-phone jobs If your state is not listed but you want A non-phone job check them out right Here on the non-phoneworkinghome.com Blog make sure you share my video come Back leave me a comment then hop over to Facebook join kiss that cubicle goodbye Make sure you follow us on our two Chicks with the side hustle Facebook Business page we're giving away two more Brand new laptops on their platform and Don't forget guys to follow us on Instagram we're doing another giveaway On Instagram my name is Carl you guys Have a great night Bye YouTube

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