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Happy Saturday YouTube family I am back With another work from home job lead Um these are the best jobs no degree Needed and you can make anywhere between 20 and 25 an hour before I give you that Information making sure that you're Watching the videos all the way through Because there are valuable information In all of my videos to help you get Closer to Landing your first second Third job even a side hustle remember This channel is all about none fun Working home job leads they go out every Single day at 7 A.M Central Standard Time so if you're looking for a work From home job where you're not talking To customers on the phone you have Landed on the right channel so let's go Ahead and dive right into the job we're Going to be talking about U.S foods They're coming seeking amera fresh Office assistance this is 100 work from Home and you can make anywhere between 20 to 25 dollars per hour hour according To Glassdoor Um no degree is needed they say it's Preferred but that means if you have it That's great if not don't worry about it Um basically what you'll be doing is you You assist with age AP reports daily Issuing POS are approved and invoice on A consistent basis again they're Requiring send a bachelor's degree is Preferred but is preferred means if you

Have it it's great if not don't worry About it our equivalent work experience In the AP or ar which stands for Accounts payable and accounts receivable Sales processing and to give you Information about U.S food it is one of The Americans great food companies in a Leading Food Service this distributor Partnered with approximately 300 000 Restaurants and food service operators To help their business succeed so we're Going to go more into details about what You're going to be doing is you're going To research vendor and shipper payment Inquiries providing documentation for Sharp payments you're going to serve as The backup for the amerifresh office Manager when required and you're going To serve as a SME in backup for Amerifresh sales Trader when required And again When you go down a little bit further it Says possess a minimum of three years of Relevant experience referral in the Produce world still apply anyway don't Don't just you know talk yourself out Applying for the job and it's also Talking about Um that you need to be proficient in PowerPoint word excel and Outlook is Required now if you don't know this There is a free place that you can go on Is called Microsoft 365 training as you Can see at the top that you can learn

Word excel PowerPoint for free so if I Wanted to learn word all I do is click On Word And then it would take you to something Like this where a quick start welcome to Word writing editor formats text and all You have to do is click on it and there Is a video explaining to you how to do Ad in format text you know where you can Understand the basic to get the job here The same thing about Excel if I wanted To do excel I go in here and click on it And it's a free video explaining Everything you need to learn Excel as Well if I go back I'm here um to PowerPoint trying to learn PowerPoint The same thing if I click on any of These videos it is going to talk about PowerPoint so I am here to try to help You Um get this job here you have to Research if you don't understand things Google is your friend you have to Research on to understand how to do PowerPoint Word and Excel you want to Know enough so you can you know apply For the job get the job and they're Going to train you anyway the way that They want you to do the job so use Google as your friend this is free Things Um that's what I did in order to Understand how to get this job that is The very important that you want to do

Everything you can to not talk yourself Out of the job say look I'm gonna learn It if you Google Accounts Payable Accounts receivable there are videos That show you how easy it is to do um Accounts payable and accounts receivable In order to get this job so again don't Talk yourself out of the job go ahead And apply today by clicking here where It says apply Now I want to leave an encouragement Words with you like I always say because More and more people we need Encouragement words there's so many Negative things that are going on in the World today but we need positive words We need Um People to speak more life over us Instead of death you have to get out Here and take the first step and apply For these positions I get it you get out Here and you apply for jobs some of Y'all are constantly getting rejection Letters after rejection letters and you Know that you qualify for it you just Have to keep applying there is a job out There with your name on it sometimes you Have to apply for multiple positions in Order to get the right job remember if You don't get that job it means that There is a better opportunity out there For you you know sometimes it could be You don't get the job because there's

Getting ready to be laid off or it's Going to be drama Um you're going to be around people that Is going to disturb your peace there's a Reason behind every single day and good Things come to those who wait remember That good things come to those who wait And a lot of a lot of people don't want To wait I'm the same way but when you Wait good things will will come to you You will have a good job that is a high Paying position it's going to be more Than what you ask for but you have to Believe don't give up don't talk Yourself out of applying for a job don't Listen to what other people say don't Get confirmation from other people to Turn to tell you this is the right job For you or this is not the right job for You you know what job is right for you You know you got to stay focused stay in Your lane don't worry about who's on Your right who's on your left stay Focused it's just like driving when You're driving on the freeway You cannot look to your right or you can Look to your left or alone let the time You've been a car accident you got to Stay focused in life there's going to be Ups and downs when you're driving on a Highway or especially a highway or a Side road sometimes when I'm driving There is a bump in the road okay I don't Go over the bump I go around the bump

Okay so that Bop is problems and issues When you have problems and issues learn To go around that problem and stay Focused you know on your destination Because when you're going there is a job Out there with your name on it but you Have to keep applying you got to keep Pushing you can't give up you got to Believe in yourself because if you don't Believe in yourself nobody else will Okay Speak Life over yourself because The power of the tongue determines life And death okay if you say you can't Eventually you can't but if if you say I Got this I don't care if I don't have The experience I'm gonna learn this I'm Going I'm gonna Google Um Microsoft Word Excel or accounts Payable I'm gonna learn this and I'm Gonna apply for the job and I'm gonna Get this job here if you speak life over Yourself Positive things will come your way okay So remember don't disqualify yourself Before you apply for these jobs let the Company do it okay you have to believe You have to keep pushing and you have to Keep applying and don't get Disencouraged be encouraged there is a Job out there with your name on it go Out there today and grab what is yours Today okay so go ahead and apply by Clicking here okay now I want to talk About my free job planner for job

Seekers this will help you plan out your Job search by giving you a track of the Track everything when you're applying For a remote job so all you have to do Is hit that download button when you hit The download button this is what you're Gonna see is a PDF file at this time you Can download it and save it on on your Your desktop or save it in a file or you Could print it out and make multiple Copies Um this job planner is good for Um forever so there's no expiration date It is good forever so when you get this Here this is what the a planter look Like Is this is a Tracker to help you keep Stay organized when you're applying for A work from home job if you're really in Need of a work from home job or a side Hustle you need to be applying every Single day at least spending at least an Hour to three hours a day applying for a Job that's the only way you can make it Work is being consistent so you want to Put the date that you're applying for The company's name the job title Um the salary in the job type whether It's a W-2 1099 job you want to put it There when you scroll a little bit Further you can put down what if it's a Full or part-time job if the company Offer paid training did you apply for The job you could put yes or no or a

Check mark put some of the skills Requirement and then if you were off of The job you will put it here okay now This is a resume comparison what you Need to do is look at the job post and See if you can found some keywords as Well as look at your resume and see if There's keywords because a lot of people Don't know the secret sauce to getting Your resume to pass the applicant Tracking system is there are keywords in The job post you want to implement those Keywords from the job post into your Resume where it sounds natural I'm not Saying to lie if you have the experience That is what you need to do once you do That then your resume will pass the Applicant tracking system and then you Go down a little bit further once your Resume pass the application applicant Tracker system congratulations it is Time for your interview so this is a Interview tracker you want to put the Date that you're going to have your Interview the company's name virtual Interviews are conducted on a platform Similar to zoom so you need a link you Know there you need to make sure you Have that who you're going to interview With and the time that's also very Important whether if it's going to be at One o'clock two o'clock P.M 12 o'clock P.M is it going to be Eastern Standard Time Central Standard time Mountain

Standard Time you need to know all of That and then when you go down a little Bit further this is something that you Need to do before your interview there's Many things else that you can do but This is one of many that I feel that is Very important is to research the Company you need to know as much as About the company as you can use Google To search the company because a lot of Times When a company knows that you know a lot About the company that's researching and A lot of jobs are required for you to Research on the job and if you're Researching about the company they say Okay if this person is researching about The comment if we hire this person They're gonna do the same thing about Their job if they don't understand Something they're going to look it up You know to to teach their self so you Want to stand out from the crowd so know As much as you can about the company Prepare to answer and ask courses never Let the hire manager recruiter ask you Questions and when it's time for them to Ask you questions oh no I don't have any Questions because what it makes you you Look like is that you're not interested In the job and you want the job so you Need to come up at least with five or Six courses let them know that you're Interested in the job okay you want to

Plan and prepare your attire when you're Doing a virtual interview you want to Dress just like if you were going on Site from top to bottom you don't want To have just a top all and then the Bottom you have shorts on because you Never know when they're going to tell You to get up and show Um around your office or you might have To get up and they say okay I can't see You clearly so I need you to open that Blind and if you have just the top part On and you have shorts you're going to Be kind of a little embarrassed test Your Tech in advance it's very important To make for sure that everything is Working your LED light your mouse your Microphone be mindful of your facial Expression and Body Language why they Can see you and you can see them speak Clearly and slowly be confident because They can tell if you're not confident And listen before you answer that is What you need to do again you need to be Out here to applying for uh remote jobs Every single day especially if you are Looking for a work from home job okay You can't just apply for one job and Call it a date and so this is not Working they're not hiring me you have To go through multiple positions Applying maybe for a hundred two or Three 400 thousand jobs in order to see Results because all I want you to do is

Get the job be confident be prepared and Be yourself so make sure you go ahead And download this free job planner for Job Seekers today share it with everyone You know they could benefit from it and Also don't forget to join my Facebook Group With you around like by the people that Are seeking work from home jobs as well As people are got receive job offers in The platform as well and also don't Forget to follow me on Instagram too I Have content on there and don't forget To subscribe to the channel I would love For you to be a part of the family hit That red button don't forget to turn on Your notifications so every time when I Upload new videos you'll be notified and That will give you plenty of opportunity To go ahead and apply for these jobs Before they're no longer available make For sure that you're watching the videos All the way through because it really Helps the channel as well as it helps You Um to as well is to get valuable Information to help you get closer to Land Landing Aid work from home job and Also um check out the community tab that Is where I engage with you every single Day if you would like to support the Channel or if you want to become a Member of the YouTube channel make sure You hit the join button there is a short

Video explaining the benefits of Becoming a member of the YouTube channel And remember don't just qualify yourself Before you apply for these jobs let the Company do it keep pushing keep applying Don't give up there is a job out there With your name on it go out to out go Out there today and grab what is yours By applying for these jobs today thank You so much for watching and I will see You in the next video

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