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Happy Thursday YouTube family I am back With another work from home job this job You can set your own schedules stay open They offer flexible jobs where you can Work when you want to work so for Example if you're looking for a Part-time job this video is for you okay So we're gonna go ahead and dive right Into the job just remember that this Channel is all about none phone work at Home job bees they go out every single Day at 7 A.M such a standard time so if You're looking for a work from home job Where you're not on the phone you have Landed on the right channel so let's go Ahead and dive right into the first job Now we're talking about the company Belay belay is currently seeking virtual Assistant uh virtual executive assistant To work from home now when you look at This it says they're accepted Application for residents of all states Except California Montana New Jersey New York and Pennsylvania okay so other Every other states you can go ahead and Apply for the job you can always go and Watch the video because they're giving You more information about belay too but Again this is a part-time job you'll be A 1099 299 jobs are where you set your Own hours you work when you want to work And when you scroll down here we're Going to look at the pay the pay is very Excellent the pay is between 18 and 21

An hour which when you do your math it's Between 540 to 630 dollars per week they Do a background check when it says a Bachelor's degree it says a bachelor's Degree inexperienced worker mode is Preferred that means if you have it That's great if you don't don't worry About it you need to work 15 hours a Week and then basically what you'll be Doing is maintaining executive Appointment calendars email management And organization and prepare Presentation in our spreadsheets now if You having trouble with preparing Presentations and or spreadsheets there Are different things that you always Tell you that build a relationship with Google any thing that you want to know Google has it all I did was copy and Paste that job You know that's talking about in the job Wreck or job post preparing presentation In a spreadsheet how to prepare a Presentation in the spreadsheet and this Is what I found this is where it shows You how to create a presentation in PowerPoint you can watch the video and It walks you through on how to do this When you get through looking at this Video you're able to create a Presentation Um you know quickly and then also Understand an email and organization Here it is tackle has how to effectively

Manage an executive calendar 101 the Essential guide it tells you how to do All of this all you have to do is click On this and it will tell you how to do Email management and organization or This is a great uh place to be to figure This out okay so we're gonna go back Into the job and give you a little bit More details but to give you information About belay is 100 remote leading Virtual Staffing Solution company so so It is a Staffing Solution company okay Now we're going to go into details about What you're going to do you're going to Deal with social media management create Structure workflow processing research Technology make recommendation you're Going to deal with CRM Administration Updates and data entry you're going to Be making travel Arrangements such as Booking flights and cars and making Hotels and restaurant reservation you Can also do event planning and Coordination and assist with Personnel Tasks as needed now they're looking for Someone that's detailed or organized and Efficient Self-motivated with strong time Management trustworthy and reliable These are keywords these are keywords That you need to implement into your Skills section okay these are all I am Going to be doing a video where after I Get through with the job I'm gonna show

You in the resume how I if I was Applying for this job what I would do in Order to get my resume to pass in Apple's attraction system so be on the Lookout for that I'm gonna be start Doing that too as well tech savvy and Quick to learn new Concepts and ability To anticipate the needs of others with a Strong desire to serve okay When you go down here it talks about you Need to have a fast and reliable Connection and again this is a part-time Job if this is something you want to do All you need to do is scroll down this Is your application and you submit it And it's getting ready to go to um Hiring managers or recruiter okay Remember don't disqualify yourself Before you apply for these jobs let the Company do it you have to believe in Yourself because if you don't believe in Yourself nobody else will I get it it is So many jealousy going on in the in the World people are not happy for you they Like to see you average they don't like To see you Um going up they like to see you beneath Them or beside them you you go and you Tell people that look hey I'm tired of Living paycheck to paycheck I only have Fifty dollars to last me until I get Paid every two weeks or I have fifty Dollars till I get paid every month People are happy they smiling they're

Looking in hoping to see you lose your Home hoping to see you lose your car Hoping bad things about you and you just Need to continue to pray and trust God And Trust the process you know he's not Gonna put nothing on you then you can Bear Um he is working it out for your good There is a job out there if you're Struggling and you're living paycheck The paycheck and you don't know how You're going to pay your bills you trust God and he is going to make a way where You pay your bills he's going to found You Um the job that you're seeking or he's Going to send somebody that's going to Come your way and help you and give you What you need until you get on your feet But you gotta believe there is tons of Jobs out there okay I know that it's a Lot of people looking for work from home Jobs but don't be intimidated by that You keep applying rejection is a part of Life no don't mean no it means next Opportunity when one door closed another Door is going to open so be ready to Accept that offer you have to just keep Pushing keep applying don't give up There is a job out there with your name On it but you have to believe if you Don't believe in yourself nobody else Will nobody is going to cheer you on Nobody's gonna say you got this very few

People is going to be happy for you when You say you got a job everybody's not Happy for you whatever so sometimes it's Your people you know and people you Don't know that's not happy for you Family members a lot of people get shot Shocked about this or get Um like this don't happen There's family members that don't like It when you are succeeding that's why I Say you have to be very careful what you Post on social media platforms I see it All the time on social media platforms It's people that take pictures of their Houses and it's a gorgeous house they Take pictures when they buy Furnitures They take pictures when they get new Cards and everything and you don't know That your co-workers are looking at it Sometimes your supervisor looking at it In your uh you're a CEO of the company Is looking at it everybody won't put Their businesses on social media and you Know it's a lot of people have lost Their jobs because of what they posted On social media a lot of companies see You posting when you go on vacation to a Nice elegant vacation or you have a got A new elegant car you got a new elegant Home a really nice home they get jealous And they will fire you from the job Because they say hey if this person Rolling like this they don't need this Job many people have told me that they

Have gotten fired for what they posted On social media a platform let everybody Know they got a new house they got a new Car they want on a trip those things Need to be private nobody have no Business knowing where you go that's Your business you know and you have to Just keep staying paired up okay The devil is busy okay but God comes That you have life and have it Abundantly so you have to just get out There And keep pushing and keep applying and Don't give up and stay around people That have your best interests everybody Don't have your best interests be Careful what friends you think you have Everybody's not your friend everybody is Hating on you they just don't like you And they pretending like they like you So hey stay focused keep applying there Is a job out there with your name on it Go out there today and grab what is Yours today by applying for these jobs Okay now you know that I always talk About having multiple strains of income I believe in having eight multiple Strains of income you just never know What can happen we're blessed to have a Job you know where you can take care of Your family but you need to have Multiple strains of income you cannot Leave a legacy on your job but if you Create a business you can leave a legacy

For your children and children children And that's what I am trying to teach to You is to start a business when you Start a business it's very hard it's not Easy like when you're getting a job when You're starting your own business you Got to put in the work and when you put In the work you got to think of it as a Farmer where they tilt the ground they Plant the seed and they need sun and Water to grow for the the vegetables Are the crops to grow and flourish and They can sit back and say hey I did all Of this and that's the same thing you Need to do and that is with book book is Very easy if you do your research people Are making anywhere between a thousand To ten thousand a month creating low Content books and this can happen to you But again you have to put in the work What come easy won't last and what last Won't come easy and for those who don't Know what Um low content books are these are Journals law books Diaries coloring Books coloring pages people are making This and making a passive income I'm not Just talking I do it myself I've been Creating low content books for like six Months I do puzzle books I do coloring Books and I have made a enough money to Go out and buy groceries and do things I Need to do I do want to get up there to Like 2 000 a month or a thousand a month

But I'm grateful for what I'm making That's better than anything or nothing Because when you make a sale they let You know they have you have potential You can always move up and continue to Make more sales okay Now the great thing about this platform Is that you can always research the Product before you actually Um start making to see if it's selling And then you can also Inspire your Competitors see what kind of keywords They're using to implement those of your Titles in your description not to copy But to be expired again bookboat has Upgraded they have a new studio they Have coverage creators interior designs Drag and drop editors complete Customization over a thousand two Hundred plus free Fox more than one Million royalties free image pattern Scalable designs filter and much more And again you're able to make puzzle Books activity books coloring books 100 Of low content Interiors where you can Mix and match Interiors to create unique Books for your audience and yes people Buy these books every single day every Single day this is selling yes you can Post it on social media platform yes you Can Um put it on your website yes you can Pay for ads if you need to because this Is your business but you got to put in

The work This is very easy you can work anywhere In the world you can be in the United States you could be out of the country You don't have to have any experience Get the interview you can start this Once you sign up you can start creating Low content books they have a whole Bunch of tutorials that you can watch And understand how to create a journal How to create a puzzle book if anything You want to create bookboat has it for You they have tutorials where you can Watch and you can comprehend this and Then on Tuesdays or Thursday they have Live webinars where you could attend That live webinar get your courses Answered they're always the owner of Bookboat always keeping you up to date To what is new going on with bookboat And if you're not able to make it they Do have a replay where you can go into Your dashboard and you can watch it and Stay up to date to what's going on but Anytime you're talking about a business Per se there is a pricing and I believe It's very affordable you have 9.99 per Month for new you be and you have 19.99 Per month uh for pro now if you use my Coupon code which is the rest of sweat Don't worry about all that information Is in the YouTube description bar you Will receive 20 off the 9.99 per month And that is Lifetime that is forever if

You choose the 1999 per month you will Also receive 20 off of that and that is Lifetime forever the only difference is With the pro you're getting the puzzle Creation software included that's the Only different but you can also try it Out for three days for free And see you if you like it I guarantee You're going to like it and then you Just sign up okay this is a great you Can call it a business opportunity a Side hustle who wouldn't need an extra Thousand dollars a month or two thousand A month creating low content books is Really simple but again you have to put In the work you know you you sell this On Amazon kdb you can sell it on Etsy You can sell it on send out you can stay Out sell it on pay hip there's different Things that you the ways that you can Sell this and promote this understand The right keywords so you can be found Um on Amazon kdb or any platform that You put this on okay now like I said This is a easy side hustle that you can Do so go ahead and sign up today don't Wait till the lights go off before You're trying to figure things out it's Kind of too late I don't know if you've Been in a cave where I've been in a cave Uh before and when the um tour of the Tourist she turned the light off It was literally dark I couldn't see you Know what was in front of me and you

Don't want to be that way you know wait Until you lose your job and you're Trying to figure out how you're going to Pay your bills because bills are not Going to stop because you lost your job They're going to continue to come and if You're not able to pay for it guess what You know you're going to be homeless and We don't want you to be homeless you Could prevent that by taking the money That you're currently working at and Invest in yourself and start a business Have multiple strains of income just in Case you have to plan and prepare and That starts today If you're not planning you need to start Planning today because anything can Happen people can let you go in 10 Seconds they can have they can let you Go in one hour never get complacent Never think that a job is not going to Let you go because it can happen to you It happened to me about 13 14 years ago And you need to always have a backup Plan it all means necessary so go ahead And sign up today the information is in The YouTube description bar and remember My channel is all about non-phone work At home job these they go out every Single day at 7 A.M Central Standard Time make for sure that you're watching The videos all the way through because There are valuable information in all of My videos to help you get closer to

Landing your first second third job even A side hustle consider subscribing to The channel by clicking that red button That says subscribe and don't forget to Click on the Bell to turn on all of your Notifications so every time when I Upload new videos you'll be notified and That will give you plenty of Opportunities to go ahead and apply for These jobs before they're no longer Available they're moving like hotcakes And I don't want you to miss these great Opportunities that I am posting on my Platform if you would like to support The channel or becoming member of the YouTube channel all you need to do is Click that join button there is a short Video explaining the benefits of Becoming a member of the YouTube channel Shout out to everyone that has supported The channel shout out to everyone that Is the you is a member of the YouTube Channel I really appreciate you don't Forget to check out the community tab That is where I engage with you every Single day when I upload new videos I Post in there Um I do polls Um when people get job offers I post it In there I'm just doing everything I can To communicate with my audience so make This year you check that out and Remember keep pushing keep applying Don't give up there is a job out there

With your name on it but you gotta Believe it starts with you if you don't Believe nobody else will go out there And grab what is yours today by applying For these jobs thank you so much for Watching and I will see you in the next Video

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