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Call listening and Reporting pays 11 per Hour best work from home ever Renault strategic Solutions work from Home website tester job review Africa at Work from home jobs pronounced AF free QT before we get started What type of work from home job are you Looking for put it in the comments Section and AI will get started scouring The web for the perfect opportunity for You Renault strategic Solutions LLC Link in The description job title call listening And Reporting this is a part-time work From home remote job Pay 11 per hour next benefits this work From home job pays monthly full job Renault is an internet marketing company Focused on service industry they build Websites and manage digital marketing Campaigns to generate leads online They provide recorded call tracking Phone numbers to track the leads we Generate They can track listeners to listen to Incoming calls and document next as a Call listener you will record all phone Calls generated from the website of Customers each call listener is assigned Accounts based on the volume of hours They choose to work The call listener listens to each Recorded phone call in the assigned Accounts and compete the call reporting

Specific requirements the call listener Documents call details caller names Address phone number type of call Purpose of call outcome appointment past Or previous call Listener provides an assessment of how Customer representatives are engaging in Phone calls call listeners submit Compete reports to the call listening Auditor to be checked for accuracy call Listeners have weekly and monthly Deadlines Next other things you should know this As a home-based position you do not need To report to an office you can work Anywhere that you can take your computer And have internet access You can go on extended trips still get Paid you have the ability to set your Own schedule this job can be done at any Time as long as calls are in the Dashboard You will work with little to no Supervision we are always available by Email phone or video chat to support or Answer any questions The pay rate for this position as eleven Dollars hour you have the opportunity to Request additional or fewer hours as Desired with two weeks notice There is a minimum availability of 20 Hours per week required next what are The expectations weekly and monthly Deadlines there is a three-strike policy

On late and delinquent accounts Communication is essential the call Listener manager will run audits track Your time provide feedback Corrections And run efficiency ranking the call Listener with highest ranking will be Given first Does this sound too good to be true you Might be asking what's the catch there Is no catch here are a few things you Should know this is an independent Contractor position not an employee you Are not eligible for any benefit you Provide your own equipment such as Personal computer and internet access You are not eligible for any overtime Contractors are paid monthly Dot and That is that Next before we move on it's time for a Dance from Africa for a simple like And Subscribe so hold on to your boots Please Thank you did you subscribe now let's Talk about reviews Google review rates Renault 4.7 stars with 96 reviews on Product service and more Next one customer rates five stars and Says I have worked with Renault on a few Projects They are a well-oiled machine in all Aspects of their business Their service is top-notch on all levels Next another affiliate rates them a Five-star and says although I have not

Worked directly with Renault the lead Acca webinar was extremely helpful Now let's see what others have to say Thank you Thank you Thank you Foreign Thank you Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign

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