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Hey hey hey this is Tangy from two Chicks with the side hustle coming at You with another work from home position But before we see it started do me a Favor hit that red subscribe button also Hit that Bell notification button so you Can be notified whenever we post a new Video or do a live stream also remember On this channel sharing is caring so do Me a favor take one of our YouTube Videos share with your friends family Anyone who is looking to work from home And you will be entered into a drawing To win one of 10 laptop computers once We reach 100 000 subscribers and thank you for those Of you who have shared thus far well Today guys our position comes to you From our two chicks with the side blog and it is for Camden National bank and Camden National Bank Is looking for a call center Representative and the great thing it is No experience so if you don't need any Banking experience any call center Experience nothing they are going to Train you you'll be responsible for Responding to customer inquiries this Will involve telephone email web chat Online from online or mobile services The essential functions of this position Is that you have to promote strong and Lasting customer relationships you'll Display positive and professional tones

Assist clients with completion of debit Card disputes hch disputes or fraud Affidavit you will be Provide support With the use of online mobile text Banking and bill payment issues you'll Act as a liaison between customers in Other departments you'll accurately Track and contact reason for training Forecast and traveling purposes You just need you must be able to Perform each Duty sales Factory Um they a bachelor's degree is preferred One to two years related experience and Or training Um related experience maybe something Like customer service or maybe you had a Retail position and you dealt with money Anything like that you can use as skills On this position so make sure you go Ahead and scroll down to the bottom and Hit apply here this is a great position For someone who is new to the work from Homeworld and is looking to get into the Work from home World check out this Position with Camden National Bank have A great day bye

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