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[Music] Foreign [Music] Welcome back I hope everybody's doing Good today I'm doing great and back with Another job for you guys of course and This one right here is coming from the Company together work okay and they're Currently looking for a documentation And training specialist to work in the U.S you already know I don't waste any Time let's go ahead and get straight Into the details with this job right Here you're going to be completing Routine documentation and content Updates based on feedback and other Review channels you will be comparing Documentation to current style standards And templates and update materials to Meet expectations you will be completing Administrative tests such as tracking Work reviewing usage and statistics and Assisting with tracking of various Education Services and functions you Will work closely with team members and New education initiatives and projects And work both independently as well as Part of a team with management you will Conduct peer review to ensure Style Guidelines are being met in a Occasionally facilitate chat functions And connect Learners to information During training sessions as needed so This does sound like a no phone job

Which is always great you only need a High school diploma while currently Pursuing a bachelor's degree from an Accredited University in Communications Technical writing or a related area that Is preferred good organization and time Management skills be a self-starter and Have excellent attention to detail and You will need to be comfortable Collaborating virtually and working Within approved Eastern Standard Time Friendly hours okay so you're going to Get benefits with this job and this job Does have a pay of 40K per year here's The application right here it doesn't Look to be too bad so of course if You're interested in applying you can Find the link in the description bar you Guys know that I wish you the best of Luck make sure to leave any questions or Comments below and as usual I thank you So much for watching I'll see you guys In my next video

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