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Well well well hello there and welcome Back to my Channel or if it is your First time here welcome my name is CeCe I post these videos daily to help you Make a quick and easy switch from Working in an office to being able to Work remote I have today's Cisco careers Cisco is a very large tech company they Also weren't the company for my computer Router at one point so it's great to see A familiar name it adds some validity to The company and it makes you feel a Little more safe and secure when applied Knowing that they are established so They do have remote roles all across the Globe and I wanted to share that with You today so what I've done in the Keywords and I always do this is I type Remote in the keyword search that is Going to pull up everything through SEO Search engine optimization to give the Remote leads so let's go ahead and drop Down here and let me show you the job Board and then send you on your way so As you can see there's so many different Roles here listed we have Germany the European Middle East and African Countries UK and then we obviously have The U.S jobs I'm seeing Italy Austria There are so many great roles 25 right Here on this first page and then you can Go next to the next page but the reason Why I like sharing a job board with you Is it takes away the stress of having to

Race and run and go and compete for one Specific job you can take your time find Something in your area really put Together a good cover letter and resume And send it up so what I'm going to do For you guys here is send you on your Way to this job board you can access This job board from my website and that Will be accessible in the description Box below we are looking up to six Figure incomes from this company as well As entry level to more executive level Roles dependent on your experience no Experience Etc so this is really really Great I hope you guys can go and find The perfect jobs for yourself now this Video was not for you consider sharing It to a friend and because sharing is Caring and on the screen are two other Videos that I've also posted check those Out you might find a better match for Yourself there my face is also on the Screen click it to subscribe so you Never miss an upload and I will talk to You in my next video bye

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