CVS Hiring Up To $27 Hour Work From Home Reviewing & Testing Claims | No Degree Needed | USA

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Welcome back my friends and happy Good Friday this is Lindsay and I am back With another daily work from home job Lead for you I hope if you're Celebrating the holiday weekend and Easter Monday ahead that you have a Fabulous time with your friends and Family but today's job lead is from the Pharmacy and Healthcare company and Retailer CBS Health they are hiring a Test claim specialist now this is remote Within the United States of course if You're interested in putting that Application in the links to this page Will be in the YouTube description box Below this video but basically as a test Claim specialist you'll be responsible For reviewing claims run by their Automated system and running those Claims through a manual test claim System which is CE 2000 system to Confirm drug authorizations that are Needed and provide estimated co-pays for Their pending patients so you might also Be responsible for obtaining Authorizations for both new and existing Of patients that's going to allow CVS to Process timely prescription orders while Demonstrating great customer service to The insurance carriers patients and Referrals so this position is going to Require an understanding of insurance Carriers and Concepts including drug Cards and major medical benefits now it

Does note this is a full-time a Permanent position they are looking for Someone to work an eight-hour shift They're open from Monday through Friday With the hours between 8 30 a.m and 8 PM Central Standard Time and so they're Looking for someone to be able to work Various shifts during those hours but it Says this position is 100 remote from Anywhere in the United States so it does Not look like they have any state Restrictions now they are paying Anywhere from 17 an hour all the way up To 27.90 an hour for those role they're not Requiring any kind of college degree Just a high school diploma or GED but They are looking for somebody who has One year of experience working in some Kind of Health Care environment someone Who has previous experienced with prior Authorizations knowledge of insurance Companies like Medicare Medicaid a great Multitasker and a great Problem Solver And of course you've got to know how to Use a Microsoft Office like word excel Outlook all of the things if you've made It to the end of this video I want to Say thank you so so much for watching And supporting me as always feel free to Leave anything specific that you're Looking for down in the comments I do Read those and keep that in mind and I'll be back really really soon with

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