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Foreign [Music] At home and welcome back to another Video and at the time of this video this Company is hiring this position can Close at any time so these job leads can Go fast if you are someone who's looking To apply quickly before these jobs go Fast then you check out my resume Templates pre-made templates that you Can use and you just fill out the Information on those templates they are ATS friendly and they are ready to go Okay they're on the go resume templates So make sure you check them out they are Yours permanently once you download Those templates okay so let's jump into Today's video and job lead this is Coming from a company called bold Business and I am on their website of course I want to show You their website their main website so That you can see that they have a real Thing going on here that they're not Just some random company out of nowhere That's presenting some opportunity out The blue okay so they are a legit Company that have been around for a very Long time you can always Google them Online they are basically a global Outsourcing solution company and always Read their what do they do to learn Exactly what it is that they do okay so They service businesses with their

Platform and technology and digital Marketing Etc et cetera so just take some time to Make sure that you go over information About a company that you are interested In applying for so they have a position Here and they are desperate you are Willing to start working Immediately so as soon as you submit Your application and you hear back from Their hiring manager they're looking for You to start a set so if you're someone Who has something else on the side going On may not be for you okay so if you're Someone who's looking to get started ASAP immediately then you'd be a great Fit for this company okay so this Particular piece decision is for data Enrichment agents it is 100 remote work From home now you will see the state New Jersey listed here does not mean that They're hiring just in New Jersey okay It's 100 remote meaning that you can Work remotely from anywhere in the US if You submit your application and you are The right fit for this company and they Allow 100 remote for you to work from Home then you can get started working From home no matter where you are in the US all right so don't get deterred by The state that is listed under here when You see remote base definitely go ahead And apply for a position all right so as A data enrichment agent you will be

Joining their data enrichment team to Support the execution of Licensing in The healthcare field for their clients UB held a high quality of work standard And will be a contributor to the Quality Control process you will be responsible For reviewing and completing enrichment Tasks as defined and trained by the Client Prime primary work will be Application data entry vendor resource Verification support certifications State boards for statuses responsible For timely and quality execution of Tasks so that's basically what you'll be Doing you'll be reviewing and completing Tasks as defined and trained by the Clients now those tasks could include Data entry vendor resource verification Board certification and following up With various state boards for statuses So so that is the primary work okay now Why we think this job is great it's Full-time 100 remote position where You'll work from home you will have Clear goals in training resources you Need to deliver how you execute and Deliver is up to you So let's go into the qualifications they Need you to have at least six months Call center experience so strong command Of English language both oral and Written must be highly trainable Proactive and has initiative capable of Working from home with strong internet

Connectivity willing to start working Immediately ability to work with International Teams where team members Are in different locations So and here you have they're about a Section again make sure you read that Information in there about a section Because there's a reason why it's there So as you can see it's a pretty Straightforward Um job listing and it makes sense Because they're looking for you to get Started immediately so so they just got To the point and highlighted the most Important things that they need you to Have in terms of qualifications why this Job will be a good fit for you now in Terms of how much the salary you can Expect to get paid for their salary in a Salary range uh it states here that the Average salary is between 27 000 to 35 000 based on Glassdoor and it could be Around 17 per hour for this particular Position right so we're gonna go with 17 Per hour on average Based on what we can see online So again if you're interested in this Job they're looking for you to get Started immediately there is minimal Experience required and it's a Non-phone-based data entry position so It sounds like a great opportunity if You are interested in this job make sure You hop on this one because it may not

Last and it can go at any time and hope You're having a fabulous day I'll see You in my next video Happy work from Home bye

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