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Foreign Everybody welcome back I hope Everybody's doing good today I'm doing Great and I'm back with another job for You guys and this one is coming from the Company Kimi locksmiths no strangers to The channel I featured them on the Channel probably a few times but they do Have a different position available Right now and it's gonna be their Locksmith support associate this job is Remote within the US you already know I Don't waste any time let's go ahead and Get straight into the estimated pay and According to Glassdoor this job has an Estimated pay of 34k to 48k per year That is an estimate you'll have to get The exact pay from the company with this Job right here you will be supporting The logistics of dispatching jobs Between customers and service providers You're going to take on resolving Customer and locksmith requests and Escalations you will work closely with Their internal teams to support Customers reduce the number of Cancellations and increase Locksmith Service job conversions they are pivotal As a test team for many new processes And will support various sales and Customer service initiatives and your Feedback and solution finding skills Will be tested you're going to also take On supporting of the sales teams when

There's an influx of customers looking For services so with this job right here You do need to have proof and experience In providing excellent service to Customers through inbound phone sales And or customer service startup Experience is not required a minimum of One year of experience in a cost center Environment or a satisfactory equivalent Combination of education training and Experience High School graduation or Evidence of having satisfactorily passed A high school equivalency program 50 Megabytes per second download speeds for Internet connections or the ability to Upgrade to higher speeds you do need to Be available for evening and weekend Shifts that's a requirement fluency in Spanish and English is preferred but It's not required experience handling a High volume of calls and emails from Customers or clients as a plus and Experience using zendesk twilio and or Google docso a plus and someone who Loves to talk to people and you will get Benefits with this job and they also Have a remote budget to set up your home Office and an internet stipend and so Let's take a look at the application Here's the application right here so of Course if you guys are interested in Applying you can check out that Application in the description bar you Guys know if you have any questions or

Any comments you can leave those below And as usual I thank you guys so much For watching I'll see you in my next Video and good luck to those who apply For the job

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