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Hey hey two chicks fam it's me Carl and I am back with another work from home Video discover is hiring make sure you Guys subscribe like and share on this Channel we give away laptops and we are Giving away 10 more brand new laptop Computers they are absolutely free so Make sure you share my video go tell a Friend spread the word come back leave Us a comment down below don't forget Guys to join our Facebook group it is Kiss that cubicle goodbye we have Another giveaway going on in the group Also follow the two chicks with the side Hustle Facebook business page we are Going to give away two more laptops on That platform and last but not least Follow us on Instagram two chicks with The side hustle we're trying to get to Ten thousand followers and we do have a Giveaway going on on Instagram as well Make sure you hop over here to the two Chicks blog look under the spotlight job Section apply for Omni interactions and Then scroll down and look for tell us Let us know in the comments what type of Work from home job or side hustle you Guys are looking for and be sure to sign Up for Branded surveys the link is in The comments section let's get into the Video so again the company is discover And they are looking to feel this PM Credit card customer service remote the Drawback is they only hire in certain

States and as you guys can see the States are listed here I see Delaware Arizona Utah Ohio and surrounding areas Or Illinois so Illinois people if you Are listening to the video guys you can Apply for this one now If you do not live in any of these States but you know others that live in These states please share the video Somebody out there guys I can almost but Guarantee you guys are looking for Legitimate work from home jobs so anywho Discover is hiring they are giving away A bonus up to two thousand dollars this Position it is 100 remote guys and they Have a lot of bonuses as you guys can See going on where you can get up to 2K Now the start day for this one it is March 2023 it says that we've got you Covered with a variety of shifts so That's a great thing I see the start Times are between 10 30 a.m 1 30 p.m Eastern Standard Time so let's scroll on Down the ways for this position is say 17 per hour with the shift diff Opportunity to earn up to twenty dollars Per hour so that is equivalent to like 800 plus dollars a week full-time Benefits and I from what I've heard Heard about discover I have heard this Is a top-notch company to work for you Will be handling routine customer Service inquiries and problems for one To three call type functions via

Telephone digital or chat channels Through effective communication and Problem solving skills these routine Customer service inquiries require the Use of standard screens scripts and Procedures you will navigate a Computerized system for responding and Or troubleshooting to customer questions Must have excellent verbal communication And problem solving skills It says that you would be working from Home you will need a quiet workspace so You can focus on our customers you will Also need a minimum of five Mbps upload Download speed from your internet Provider you'll spend the majority of Your shift talking with our customers Listening to their concerns and Providing the best Solutions you'll be a Master Problem Solver you might interact With customers on the phone in a chat Session or responding to emails we'll Provide you with procedures and tools to Handle our customers needs and Strengthen their relationship with Discover we'll provide you with all of The equipment that you need so don't Worry about the equipment guys this is One of those companies that will provide You with monitors keep computer Keyboards mouse pad headsets and amazing New hire training experience and it says How you'll do it assist over 100 plus Customers per day by Inner energetically

Engaging in a fast-paced back-to-back Call environment be your phone online or Chat brings empathy to the customer Inquiries about reward redemptions Customer info updates card activations Making payments processing lost or Stolen cards statement and APR inquiries And processing credit line increases and Decreased requests so guys basically You're dealing with discover the credit Card and people are calling in to have Their cars activated they may want to Make a payment on their account they may Want you to shut down an account they May want to open an account they may Want to ask about the aprs the Percentages and what they're paying they May want you to give them an increase on Their credit line or a decrease so this Sounds like a straightforward type of Position now it says here bonus points If you have a high school diploma or GED One plus years of experience in a Related field benefits you might not Have expected so that is perfect so Again discover is hiring guys that pay Is 17 to 20 dollars per hour and they Are looking to feel this PM credit card Customer service remote and they only Hire in Ohio Utah Arizona Delaware and Surrounding areas or Illinois so make Sure you guys go over to Google do some Research I will be sure to put a link Right below the video in the description

Box so you guys can check out this Company and apply also guys don't forget To share the video somebody out there is Sick and tired of these scammers and I Know I am because I see these jobs Posted on Facebook each and every single Day and people are still falling for These scammers so make sure you push This information out there we really do Appreciate you guys for sharing this Good content also guys don't forget to Come back and leave us a comment down Below hop over to Facebook again join us Kiss the cubicle goodbye follow us to Chicks with the side hustle follow us Two chicks with the side hustle and Instagram and on Twitter we are doing Four giveaways with this brand so make Sure you guys go spread the word go tell A friend tell somebody about what we do On this channel But be sure to leave us A comment on one of these platforms Somewhere my name is Carol I'll catch You ladies and gentlemen in the next Video bye Bye YouTube [Music]

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