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Foreign [Music] This is melissia from melissia at and welcome back so on today's Video we are going to talk about door Dash so if you are in the US you are Very much familiar with doordash they Provide food delivery service to your Door and they also offer side hustle Opportunity for you to be a door Dasher Delivering food orders from various Restaurants to their customers so it's a Great side hustle and many people are Doing this I'm sure you know someone who Is currently doing doordash deliveries Earning an extra income now although Doordash is well known for providing This amazing side hustle where you get To Be Your Own Boss Um and work on your time and achieve Your own personal goals they also have Online remote-based opportunities that Are available if you're someone who's Looking to get started and working from Home behind the scenes with doordash Okay so I'm going to share this Opportunity with you I just wanted to Clarify something very quickly now if You come across a video such as this Where it states no experience in the Title and I read the information on the Job post that lists some skills and some Knowledge that you are required to have I want you to be aware that that is

Totally different from having working Experience prior working experience okay So someone could be studying a specific Area or a role let's say they're in College or they're in tech school or Maybe they have a certification but they Have never worked for a company in a Specific role that means that that Person do not have prior work experience But they do have the knowledge and the Skill and some people are fast Learners So they can learn on their own meaning That they're self-taught in a specific Area and a lot of people who are very Specific area and they did not go to School or worked at a specific job to Learn or gain the skills that they have They just learned it on their own so People like that will have the knowledge And the skills and they may be looking For remote-based positions to be able to Earn an income utilizing and applying Those skills okay so I hope that brings Some clarity basically means that you do Not have prior work experience so if a Company don't list that you need to have One plus years of experience six months Of experience then that either means That they're just looking for you to Have the skills and the knowledge that They can work with Okay so I just want To clear that up for everyone and Remember these are work from home job Leads I find the work and I present them

To you and then you are responsible for Doing the groundwork it's very similar To let's say being a bird dog for real Estate agents bird dogs go out and find The properties write down the address And hit up the real estate agent and Said hey I found this property on such And such drive or lane or Highway you Can check it out here's the information And the real estate agent will do the Rest of the work with that so this is Basically similar these are leads you Take these leads and you do what thou Please okay so just keep that in mind These are just job leads alright so Let's jump into doordash opportunities That they have available Now on their careers section you will find Remote some remote based positions that They have posted so if you scroll down To their customer experience job section You will see some positions that are Currently open in different areas of the Country in Mexico City Arizona as well As the United States okay so because Majority of you are in the US then this Will be beneficial to you so they have a Position here that I wanted to focus on On today's video that I want to bring to Your attention for anyone who may be Interested in this position or if you Know someone who's interested then Definitely good to know okay it's good

To know that these opportunities are Available and that they are out there All right so this is for their insights Analyst and this is a remote based Position it is available throughout the US So you can click on where it says view Job and it will take you to this page Where you will view the job and read Further details about the position You'll be a part of the operational Excellence team a component of customer Experience and and live operations this Team's role is to provide quality High Touch and virtual Support Services to Consumers Dashers and Merchants so this Is a very important role the ultimate Ongoing objective is to enhance the Experience prospective and existing Customers have when engaging with Doordash to improve kpis to achieve Their objective the team will operate And execute upon support experiences Okay so this basically just giving you Some idea about the team and how they All work together to make doordash Possible and to help it to run Efficiently so about the row they're Looking for someone who has a passion For improving consumer experiences Identifying Trends and working in an Evolving working environments your Success is based on your contribution Whether it is Data analysis or metric

Definitions and delivered within a time That fits that fits with the business Needs they're looking for someone who is Pay attention to this this is what They're looking for okay data driven and Proactively foresee additional problem With Solutions in mind pay close Attention to all of the small Particulars when working on a task or Project collaborative extremely Proficient okay extremely proficient Meaning that you are highly familiar With these tools that they have listed Here comfortable with statistical Analysis convey your message and insight Thoroughly you'll report to a supervisor Whose ultimate job is to oversee and Ensure that analysts and findings are Being completed okay so you will be Supervised during your job you're Excited about this opportunity because You will be knowledgeable and Comfortable with aspects of analytics And different perspective Stay current on new information and Updates regularly attend stand up stay On top of responsive to emails and Slacks changes and procedures you own Your schedule they expect you to be very Punctual and be on time and that is very Essential for them that you are online And available for their team you should Be available Monday through Friday with Most salaried business partners so

Basically that's a full work week okay So this is a full-time position Monday Through Friday And the it goes on to effectively Communicate now they're excited about You because you are comfortable using MacBook equipment meaning that they will Provide you with a Macbook equipment and You must be comfortable using that Equipment okay in reference to internal Tools and proficients and skills Required to do the job and they list the Specific areas in which they do prefer And may require you to have skills in Okay skills utilize tools to Troubleshoot problems proactively And they list you know some items that They expect you to utilize so that's Basically the gist of this opportunity You can read more about doordash if You've never heard of doordash in their Commitment statements and once you've Done all of that you can click where it Says apply to this job once you click on That it will take you to this particular Page and it will drop down so the Application form so this page is just Going over the same information that I Just read with you about the job right And this is their application form basic Standard application to fill out all Right so in terms of their salary you Can always Google salaries to get an Average so this is the average that is

Listed on indeed as fifty four thousand Dollars per year which is around two Hundred dollars per day right that you Will earn on average for this particular Position so that's basically it for this Video I just want to share this amazing Opportunity for anyone who's interested In working with doordash as an insights Analysts make sure you check my remote Based jobs that are currently hiring on My website I just posted some work from Home opportunities for today so check Them out and start applying for these Jobs and also check out my resources and Services that are that are provided in The description section below this video And thank you so much for watching I'll See you next time happy work from home

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