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[Music] Foreign Welcome back I hope everybody's doing Good today I'm doing great doing my Running around and I did come across a Great job opportunity for you guys and We're gonna go ahead and get into that In a second but before we do I do have To shout out dossier because they are Collaborating with me on this video and While I was doing my running around Today I did stop at my P.O box and I do Have my dossier perfume okay so if you Guys are new to the channel I've always Mentioned dossier perfume they do sell Their inspired versions of luxury Fragrances for a fraction of the price For example Gucci bloom or ysl's black Opium or even Carolina herrera's good Girl which I have that as well the Prices can range between 19 and 39 and Of course that is way cheaper than a lot Of the luxury fragrances okay one of my Favorite fragrances is powdery Hawthorne And I mean this fragrance smells so good This fragrance is inspired by Tom Ford's Metallic or metallic and I absolutely Love it I cannot live without this Fragrance I love layering their Fragrances with other fragrances that I Have for example my powdery Hawthorne I Love to mix it with my Dior sauvage and I also have some Versace cologne that I Like to mix this with as well so they're

Really good for layering they have so Many different fragrances to choose from And they often have different coupons That you can use you can sign up for Their VIP emails and you can get 20 off Of your purchase and you know just kind Of shop around and see you know which Fragrance is going to work for you they Have a great return policy if you're not Happy with your fragrance if you have 30 Days to try it out you can return it if You don't like it and get a full refund So you have nothing to lose and they're Also available in Walmarts now so you Can definitely try to see if you can Find them in Walmarts as well link to Dossier will be in the description bar For you so let's go ahead and talk about The job lead for today this one right Here is coming from the company ZIP Davis and they're currently looking for A social media assistant okay so I'm Gonna go ahead and get straight into the Details with this job right here you Will be collaborating with the social Team to brainstorm content ideas that Drive engagement and audience growth Manage scheduling and posting of social Content to multiple platforms using Amplify and social pilot Foster a sense Of community by curating other creators Content for resharing collect and Analyze the data that helps us analyze Performance partner with internal teams

To implement learnings back into social Content and creative strategies research And test emerging social networks or Underserved tactics on established Platforms monitoring surface social Media and influencers Trends internally Partner internally to help streamline Social creative across companies International markets they like you to Have proven success managing multiple Projects at once working quickly and Meeting deadlines in undergraduate Degree hands-on experience creating and Managing social media content on Networks including Facebook insta Instagram Tick Tock Pinterest Twitter And YouTube also working understanding Of social media reporting and Measurement excellent social media Writing and communication skills graphic Design and video production skills is a Plus but you will get benefits with this Job and depending on where you're Located this job can have a salary Ranging from 45k to 60k a year this Company also does have quite a few other Jobs so make sure you go ahead and check Those out of course if you guys are Interested in applying you can find the Link in the description bar if you guys Have any questions or any comments make Sure to leave those below and as usual I Thank you guys so much for watching I'll See you in my next video and good luck

To those who apply for the job

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