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Happy Friday everyone I am back with Another high Pam work from home job this Is a no talk and work from home job you Can make forty dollars per hour and this Company is hiring immediately okay and You're not on the phone so it is time to Put it up a notch like Emma will say is That I am going to start bringing you More high paying non-phone work from Home job leads so you can start you know Having enough money to pay your bills so We gotta go ahead and share your screen So we can go ahead discuss this job so You can go and apply for this job before It is no longer available because this Type of job moves Um very very very Um quickly so I want you to go ahead and Go ahead and apply today now again we're Talking about to come to Holland and Ninth they're currently seeking Information governance Department Operation administrative specialist work From home this is a full-time position And when you scroll down they are saying That they're hiring in these states and I want to let you know about this yes They're hiring in New York City Colorado And California but you know me I'm Always reaching out to hiring managers To ask them are they willing to hired Other states and they said yes they're Willing to hire other state there's People that have reached out to me and

Don't even live in the state and they Will offer a job so the pay is forty Dollars an hour okay you can make Anywhere between 26 and also 42 an hour According to hire manager so I want to Put that out there even though it says Colorado New York and California I Reached out to hiring manager and they Said that even though if you don't live In this state they will consider you Okay your application will not be denied If you have what they're looking for They will hire you okay so you can make Forty dollars an hour on this job and This is a high paying position here when We go more into details about this job Here okay the role of the information Governance Department operation Administrative specialist is to provide Assistance to the information governance Department operation team ensuring a High level of administrative clerical And professional support this job do not Require a degree okay when it says Preferred that means if you have it That's great if you don't don't worry About it so when we go more into detail Details about this job is you're going To organize and maintain team and Department files ensuring confidential When necessary you're going to generate And maintain various high level reports That's needed our requests you're going To answer routine courses by email or

Telephone and a route to appropa team Members again I reached out to hiring Manager and say is this is a call center They said it's not a call center it's Mainly more email but you may be on the Phone a little bit okay I'm gonna repeat It again This is a no talking work from home job Lead You may be answering calls on Telephones a little bit but it's more of Answering Um information through email only okay So this is a not a call center it's only As a week basis okay and then you're Gonna schedule appointments meetings and Maintain appointment calendars for the Team you're going to update and maintain Spreadsheet required data and analysts You're going to also have ability to Handle sensitive and confidential files And records as well as additional Administrative support responsibility as Assigned okay really easy easy job and The qualification is three plus years of Professional experience don't let the Years of experience get to you still Apply for the job they want you to have Strong computer profession Proficiency In Microsoft Office Suite Excel PowerPoint word you know that I'm going To take you to Microsoft 365 to show you Free places where you can learn how to Do this so you can go ahead and get this Job they want you to also know I manage

I'm going to show you a place for free To learn this all you have to do is go Into the job record the job post and Highlight the things that you don't Understand and Google it and I guarantee Once you Google it and you see videos or Information about it you're going to be Familiar with this because the jobs are Going to train you the way that they Want you to be trained anyway and then They want you to have verbal and written Communication skills as well as strong Attention to details ability to interact With firm Personnel at all levels with High degree of professionalism and Excellent organization skills okay so Again this is a high paying job making Forty thousand hour and you do not have To live in these states I understand That it shows on here it talks about New York Colorado California but again I Reached out to hiring manager they said They would consider hiring you even if You don't live in that state so you need To go ahead and apply for these jobs This is a high paying job here all you Have to do is Click right here where it Says apply okay and your application Will be on their way Um and everything like this I want to Share my screen and show you a free Place to go and practice Microsoft Office for free again before you Disqualify yourself and say I don't

Understand something you need to Google Like I said here come Microsoft 365. you Can learn Outlook OneDrive word excel PowerPoint everything that they're Asking in that job post you can learn This if you click on PowerPoint These are the things that you need to Learn these are the basic things that You need to learn in order to get this Job so you go here and click on present Slideshow and then it shows you start The presentation see your notes and Print in presenter view so it walks you Through how to do all this so don't just Qualify yourself go ahead and look up These things so you can be able to get This job here okay now I'm going to show You another place how about I manage you Saw that in the job record the job Description and it shows you Um you can Google it and find free Places to go and learn that for free Okay so like this I always Google things Like I tell you use Google as your Friend if you don't understand something Just Google it learn I manage for free Look at this different things I manage Training there's different videos that You can learn how to do the job in order To get it okay so don't disqualify Yourself before you apply for this job You know let the company do it and just Restart search that's what they want to See you do is research it's a lot of

Things that I didn't know but I Researched things and figured it out and I was able to get the job okay so if This video has been helpful thus far I Wanted you to give these videos a thumbs Up I want you to click on the Subscribe Button which is red and I want you to Click on that Bell to turn on all Notifications so every time when I Upload new videos you'll be notified Plus they'll give you plenty of Opportunities to go ahead and apply for These jobs before they go like these These jobs move very quickly y'all and I Don't have any control of when they stop Hiring so if you come across a job lead That is no longer available don't get in Panic mode the thing the best thing you Need to do is explore what's in the Company and see what other job offers That they have that may be a good fit For you okay again you gotta be applying For these jobs very very quickly because It is a lot of people that are looking For remote jobs and just because a lot Of people are looking for remote jobs That doesn't me you can't get a job it Just means that you got to do everything You can to stand out from the crowd okay So don't get in panic mode still apply Within the company and see if there's Any other jobs that may be a good fit For you I want to leave encouragement Words with you like I always do is I

Want you to keep pushing keep applying I Don't want you to give up okay don't Disqualify yourself before you apply for These jobs you got to believe in Yourself because if you don't believe in Yourself nobody else will there is Different positions that I've been in And I know I wasn't qualified for I Didn't have a bachelor's of master's Degree you don't have to have a Bachelor's a master's degree to make Forty dollars an hour a hundred and Twenty dollars an hour if you have a Will in mind a willing heart a willing Spirit and willing to learn these things You can make this amount of money even Though you don't have a bachelor's Degree okay no degree you can still make This money But you got to believe in yourself you Can't sit here and say look I don't have This experience they're not going to Give me a chance Um they're not going to hire me because You're speaking death over yourself the Power of the tongue determines life and Death when you say you can't then you Can't but when you say you can good Things are going to come your way okay Be positive surround yourself around People that have your best interests and That has Positive Vibes because when You're around people that has Positive Vibes you can't help to be positive you

Can help us to grow but when you're Around negative people that don't Believe in you and everything that come Out of your mouth is negative you can't Do this they were not gonna hire you Eventually you're going to believe that And I'm telling you you got this you got To keep pushing got to keep applying you Can't give up yeah you might have to Apply for multiple positions and that's What you should do at all times you Shouldn't just only apply for one job a Call it a day it doesn't work like that You can apply for 10 jobs a day and you Got to make for sure your resume is Optimized in Taylor each job that you're Applying for I suggest you to go and Check out my live stream where I went Live on April the 4th 2023 where it says Work from home q a and live resume Review I talk about five resumes Mistakes that you need to avoid that I Got from hiring manager as well as I Showed you show you how to optimize and Tingle your resume to the job post I Will be doing more live resume reviews And work from home q a once a month okay So if you like your resume to be Reviewed online it's going to be a Process that I'm going to give a Deadline that you need to email me your Resume by this particular date okay so More information will be coming real Soon but I want you to keep pushing keep

Applying don't give up there is a job Being made for you but it starts with You you've got to believe if you don't Believe in yourself nobody else will I Want you to go out there and grab what Is yours by applying to these jobs today Now I'm going to talk about a platform Where you can take some online courses That is very affordable and that is with Course careers I talk about course Careers because a lot of people want to Go back to school but they don't have The funds to go back to school but with Course careers it's very affordable You're going to have the money to go Back to school and in course careers you Can take technology sales digital Marketing and information technology I Suggest you go look at the reviews and See what other people are saying If this don't get you pumped up then I Don't know what will and then how it Works is you start a free intro course And in an intro course it's going to Give you all the information about tech Sales digital marketing and information Technology at the time you know if it's A good fit if it's a good fit then why Procrastinate take action and roll in The class it's self-paced so people Complete it in a week and some people Complete it in a couple of months it Just depends on how much you spend time With it you'll start applying the skills

You'll learn they'll teach you exactly How to learn an entry level position Through Insider knowledge of how to Apply to companies what they look for Resumes application how the interview is So much more because they partner Directly with companies that want to Hire their students dropping the degree Inexperience requirement for their Graduates okay so if I go into one of These courses here I'm gonna choose Digital marketing you go through here it Tells you some of the companies that Will hire you in digital marketing and Then when you scroll down a little bit Father it talks about the Day in the Life as a digital marketing you'll check Your emails and reply to critical Message you're going to review active Campaign and platforms team meetings and Brief and then when you go down a little Bit further it talks about Um What you will learn in the class like Marketing fundamentals key marketing Channels digital marketing framework Skills and process and career prep and Then you can hear more from graduate Students that actually went through the Course and and it's making anywhere Between 60 to 120k per year and this is How much the course will cost I think It's very affordable you cannot go to Community College or trade school

Um university only paying 499 dollars For everything one-time payment and if You use my coupon code which is the rest Of 50 you would get 50 off of that or You can choose to pay for payments of 150 every two weeks again there's no Contract or hit of fees along with a 14-day money-back guarantee you do have A free introduction course again stop Procrastinating take action faith Without works are dead if you ever Dreamed of want to go to school this is Your opportunity to go ahead and sign up Today once you sign up you can start Taking this course immediately this has Been a life changer for so many people And it could be a life changer to you so Go ahead and sign up today so you can Start making that money to support you And your family okay and I want you to You know subscribe to the channel if This video have been helpful I would Love for you to be a part of the family Again I want to build a community where We can uplift and encourage one another When our job search in everyday life Don't forget to turn on your Notifications so you'll be notified Every time when I upload new videos and I want you to keep pushing keep applying Don't give up there is a job being made For you but it starts with you you gotta Believe if you don't believe in yourself Nobody else will so go out there today

And grab what is yours by Prime free Jobs and check out the video that's Listed at the top or the bottom there Are more no talk and work from home job Leads to help you get closer to Landing Your first second third job even a side Hustle share this Channel with everyone You know that could benefit a no talk And work from home job need to go out Every single day at 7am to Standard Time Thank you so much for watching and I Will see you in the next video bye

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