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Hi everyone it's Suzanne today I have a No phone no interview remote job with The company user lytics now this job is Going to be more of a side hustle more Of a part-time gig you're going to make Money by doing user testing for the Company user lytic usability testing is Simple and fun you can do it from your Phone tablet or computer in the comfort Of your home or at the preferred Location not only do you get paid to Test but you learn something new every Time and get a sneak peek of what the Brands you love most are working on even Better you will play a vital role in Making the world more user friendly now This is a job that's open to us and International candidates and if you're Interested in this job you're going to Go ahead and click that start earning Button you can also check out the Frequently asked questions which I am Going to go through some of those with You down below it only takes three easy Steps to start testing you're going to Sign in and complete your profile sign In with a simple form complete your Profile become an active tester get Assigned tests according to your Preferences and profile so there's no Interview required you're just going to Sign in create your profile and then It's going to ask you a bunch of Questions about yourself probably your

Demographics and then if you fit within Certain categories of the user testing Then they'll send those over to you once That's done you're going to receive an Invitation and complete the test once You receive a study invitation your task Is simple just perform a few simple Activities while communicating your Thoughts out loud so this is very Important when you're doing the user Testing some of the jobs you will be Recorded on a webcam some you will not And you get to choose but as you're Going through here they actually want to Hear you respond and react to how you're Feeling when you're going through these Tests they're trying to figure out if There's any frustration points for Consumers or customers as they log on to Their websites or anything like that You've probably been a website before And you went into it and for some reason You just couldn't find what you were Looking for it was very very frustrating They're trying to find out if they're Going to have any issues like that with Their sites now once your test has been Uploaded successfully and is approved by The team you will earn between five Dollars and up to ninety dollars Depending on the test which you will Receive in your PayPal account at the End of the week now let's go through Some of the frequently asked questions

What do usability activities consist of Some of the examples of past user Experience tasks include register for an Account on a client website log in fill In your profile and add a friend pretend You're looking for a pair of jeans Search for jeans look through the Results and proceed to checkout but stop Before the order is confirmed look Around ABC site wherever your interests Take you and give us feedback on the Look and feel concept and overall layout Compare a home page to a competitors or Industry leaders home page and tell us What we do could do better or worse than Them and which site you choose to visit And why compare the purchasing checkout Function at two sites conduct a search For an item or a site and react to a Series of advert advertisements video or Static images and answer a series of Questions these are all examples of Things that you could be asked to do at Userlytics what do you have to do during A user test you need to follow the Usability test instructions as provided By the client it is very important that You speak your thoughts out loud as you Follow the instructions try speaking and Sharing your thoughts aloud during the Entire user experience test some user Tests require a webcam view some do not For those that do it is important that It shows your face clearly what kind of

User experience questions will you be Asked you may be asked your opinion on Such things as site navigation overall Concept ease of use and intuitiveness Design video colors layout specific Processes such as checkout login Registration search utilities Etc if you use the site or recommend it To a friend if you remember a certain Image or concept or what you think it Meant these are all examples how many Tests can you do per day well since it's A random a process that will select Testers from the database they will send Out invitations to a limited number of Testers if you make sure to answer the Surveys and to complete your tester Profile this will increase your chances Of getting invited so when you're Filling out that survey and your profile You want to make sure be as honest as You can and be as thorough as you can so You can get selected for as many jobs as Possible All right guys if this sounds good to You I'm going to go ahead and put the Instructions to apply Down Below in the Description and I'll see you all in the Next video good luck

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