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Foreign [Music] On all this journey I think it things became easier kind of Like I was saying with the facing your Fears and The you know with every new experience I became more experienced and traveling Which made it easier Um With every situation that I faced That I That would have been uncomfortable that Would have been Very difficult uh really tough Situations It helped me To see like to see what I’m capable of It helped me to see You know What what I can do and it showed me that Like I’m capable that a lot more than I Ever thought when I was younger Um and so it made that made Um Stepping towards uncomfortable Situations stepping towards the tough Times easier because it gave me Confidence and Trust in myself that I Would be able to get get through it So like you know being in Mexico and Finding out that I have a tumor and then Needing surgery and not having a support System and waking up and realizing it

Was two tumors that were dying inside of Me and I could have gone septic and then The recovery And you know not having my support System here with me You know I I was lucky to have you know Zoom where I could you know Zoom all my Friends and my family but to go through That experience in a country where you Don’t really know the language Especially the medical terms and to not Have that support system you know it Wasn’t it wasn’t easy but In some ways it was because it’s kind of Like all of those experience of being in Those tough times those uncomfortable Situations like I was able to look back On them and remind myself you can do This you’ve gone through you know tough Times before Um you know you you’ll make it through And So if you agree with with what I’m the Way I’m thinking to label it is to say That the fact all that you’ve said that Basically every heart situation you Faced or every situation whatsoever hard Or not hard help you so to see what You’re capable of doing and and that you Were actually capable of much more that You believe and it allow you to more Enjoy more life and step into life Difficult or not difficult but as a General rule like

Um yeah to be more kind of alive because You would restrict less so basically What happened in another way is that you Kind of Rewired your brain into being led into Being more open to the opportunities That’s life absolutely yeah I think There was also a level of trust um one Of the things that I’ve really been Telling myself a lot the last probably Two years is trust the process of life And I think that that is a big part of It and when you you know like kind of Like you you were saying like it to Enjoy more the more that I can entr Trust the process of Life the less the The negative feelings the stress the Worry comes into play because I’m Trusting the process of life where Therefore I’m enjoying the journey more As well [Music]

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