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Hello welcome back to my channel and if It is your first time here welcome my Name is CeCe I post jobly videos daily To help you switch from an in-office job To a remote role if you're not around The Facebook page it's lit over there Daily job leads get posted more than I Even post on this channel as well as my Website 5 to 10 job leads go up just Straight links every single day at 10 A.M Pacific Standard time for you guys To go apply to also so make sure you tap Into both of those pages and constantly Check back daily now this is a customer Service rep job through Cigna Cigna is a Very popular health insurance and Medical company what I love about this Is they are offering not only paid Training lots of great PTO work benefits Medical dental vision they are also Giving you a computer and Equipment Provided everything you need to work for Them you can scroll through and read all This but I'm going to keep it brief and Just hit you with the key points all you Need for this is a high school diploma Or equivalent if you have a degree great You don't need it they would like you to Have one plus year of customer service Experience analyzing and solving Customer problems which could be Anything in customer service to be Honest intermediate Proficiency in Microsoft Office you know medical

Terminology if you do that's a plus it's Not needed but amazing if you do the Start date for this is February 20th of This year so tap in now apply because They're actively doing tons of Interviews you need excellent verbal and Oral written in oral communication Skills great time management and great Organization it is 17 to 22 per hour and This role is also anticipated to be Eligible for an annual bonus plan so Very straightforward customer service Rep the link to apply for this is in the Description box below now if this job Wasn't for you pass it along to a friend Sharing is caring and on your screen are Two other videos I've also posted go Watch those you might find a better Match or just more to apply to there Click my face on the screen so you never Miss an upload and I will talk to you in My next video bye

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