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Foreign Welcome I hope everybody is doing good Today I'm doing great you already know Why I'm here bringing you guys another Job today and this one right here is Going to be with the company true Hearing okay so this is going to be a Nationwide job with their member Services team so let's go ahead and get Into the details their customer service Team is looking for outstanding member Services team members who enjoy engaging With empathy can compassionately connect With customers and demonstrate diligent Detail orientation when assisting the Customers with their questions and Orders so this job right here is going To start 19 an hour plus you're going to Get 200 a month quality and attendance Bonus which is amazing and with this job Right here you'll be taking inbound Customer service calls you're going to Be providing specific Health Plan and Partner details relating to the Individual's benefits programs and Products available and facilitate Scheduling appointments with providers You will be helping members with Finance Assistance through their financing Partners and you're going to work with Providers processing Clinic referrals You will be assisting customers with Hearing and Supply orders and taking and Making inbound and outbound calls

Regarding appointments and or customer Inquiries you will be attending weekly One-on-one coaching sessions to align With company initiatives training Opportunities and performance objectives And you're going to complete weekly Monthly quarterly and annual trainings On compliance Department procedures and Continued insurance and partner Knowledge you need to be customer Focused be productive be able to plan And organize be able to use technology And also be accountable and have quality And you need a high school diploma or GED so no customer service experience is Needed for this job which is great you Will get benefits as well so here's the Beginning of the application right here And of course if you guys are interested In applying you can find the link in the Description bar if you guys already know I wish you the best of luck make sure to Leave any questions or comments below And as usual I thank you guys so much For watching I'll see you in my next Video

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