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Hey hey two chicks bam TGIF thank God it Is Friday happy Friday everyone it is me Carl and I am back with an easy peasy Non-phone work from home job everybody Needs to apply for this one make sure You guys subscribe like and share Because on this channel we talk about Legit work from home job side gig side Hustles and we are giving away free Laptops so if you want to win take my Video put it on your Facebook page share It with a friend be sure to come back Leave us a comment don't forget guys to Hop over to the two chicks with the side Hustle Dot com blog be sure to look for Omni And look for tell us let us know in the Comments what type of work from home job That you guys are looking for and be Sure to look down below in the comments Get the link for Branded and sign up Today let's get into the video so the Company is activist connect we've talked About this company before they are Looking to feel this content moderator Work from home position so it says as a Content moderator you will be moderating User generated content from the AI chat Bot queries rating the value of Responses received and also reviewing The inappropriate responses or content You will receive transcripts of Completed queries check for proper Spelling grammar punctuation and

Reviewing for inappropriate content what You will do moderating text images and Video queries and responses from an AI Chat bot follow posted policies Processes and guidelines in regard Regards to the content this position Will involve reviewing user posted Content which may include content on an Irigorous or offensive nature flagging And removing that content as necessary You will come into contact with Irigorous I think I'm saying it right Content is part of this job and a strong Sense of maturity and resilience is a Must ability to remain neutral on Content as defined by the company Policies and also procedures while Keeping personal opinions outside of the Decision-making process you will Recognize Trends and patterns raising Issues in a timely manner strong Communication I'm sorry strong written Communication skills strong verbal Communication and also strong knowledge Of Internet culture familiar with common Acronyms Etc ability to adapt quickly With the strong technical sense to pick Up new trends tools and processes easily Now for this one guys in order to Qualify they are looking for people that Have a high school diploma or equivalent Prior content moderation or public forum Moderation of some type is required so If you are like a moderate later in a

Facebook group you could use that as Your experience be willing to work under An immediate supervisor accept and learn From feedback we are all in this Together and growth is guaranteed we Will pay you to complete online training But you must commit to attending 100 Percent no missed time A lot of people Are very strict on the training time so Be be sure guys to keep that in mind now It says be able to complete and pass a Background check and they do have some Technical requirements listed here the Pay for this one is 15.25 per hour and This one guys it is a W-2 position we Have a lot of people here looking for Those W-2 positions and this is one of Them and this is a full-time position Right now part-time hours are not Available the training is paid benefit Eligible after 60 days so after two Months you can receive Medical Vision Dental and 401K this is a fully remote 100 work from home job so again guys the Company is activists connect they are Looking for Content moderators this is An easy one The pay is 15.25 an hour and this is a W-2 position now I will be sure to leave A link posted right below the video in The description box so you guys can Check out activist connect we have Talked about this company before they Have been in business for quite some

Time be sure to go over to Google it Takes one to two minutes to type in Activist connect check to see guys if What what they say about the company Check the reviews check to see what Everybody's saying make sure you jot Down the information about the company Before you apply so in just in case you Get an interview you will be prepared And not surprised make sure that you Share my video somebody out there is Looking for a non-phone work from home Job and they want a legit one they are Sick and tired of these scammers so be Sure guys to put this video on Facebook Share it in some Facebook groups tell a Friend text a friend go next door knock On somebody's door in your neighborhood Somebody out there is trust me is Looking for a legit work from home job And we post them each and every single Day on this YouTube channel be sure to Come back though and leave us a comment Then you want to hop on over to Facebook You want to join kiss that cubicle Goodbye you also guys want to follow us On our Facebook business page it is two Chicks with the side hustle and also Don't forget about Instagram Instagram Guys we are so close to 10 000 followers and once we hit that Number we will be doing another giveaway So we also are going to do a giveaway in The group also on the Facebook business

Page and on Instagram and this YouTube Channel so we have a lot of giveaways Going on right now with the two chicks Brand be sure to come back though leave Us a comment somewhere you guys can also Create stories reels about the two Chicks brand and post them anywhere you Like and you can share this information With anyone just make sure you come back And leave us those comments my name is Carol and I will catch you wonderful Lovely amazing people on the next video Bye Bye YouTube

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