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Hey hey hey two chicks fam it's me Carl And I am back with another work whenever You want non-phone work from home job But before I jump into this awesome Video make sure you guys subscribe like And share because on this channel guys We give away laptops so make sure you go Tell a friend take the video put it on Facebook put it on Tick Tock Twitter Instagram Snapchat let your friends and Family members know that we post the Real work from home jobs and we give Away laptops on this channel But be sure To come back and leave us a comment Don't forget guys I dropped a high Paying non-phone no interview job on the Channel today make sure you guys go back And check out their video don't miss out On these 50 interview companies don't Forget to hop over to the two chicks Blog look on the home page Omni Interaction is a skifty interview Company also tell us is a skip the Interview company make sure you guys Apply let us know in the comments is What type of work from home job you're Looking for and don't sleep on branded Surveys the link is in the comments Section let's get into it so the company Is called study and this is a data entry Specialist work from home position now I Do see here guys it says flexibility Where you can work from anywhere Anywhere at any time completely online

And this is what you'll be doing it says The data entry specialist they will Input and organize academic State Standards into a spreadsheet now you Will receive the following reliable Payments it says timely reliable Payments twice a month via Paypal all Work is paid per piece per piece rates They vary based on complexity and also The length of the content Independence No waiting and no assignments it says a Supportive staff which is great access To a support supportive in-house team to Answer your questions and what they're Looking for they're looking for people That are detail oriented you enjoy Organization also data entry you are Familiar teaching with common core and Or state standards comfortable Comprehending State Standards documents Excellent writing skills and attention To detailed proficiency with Excel Commitment to providing high quality Accurate info so this one is posted on The non-phone blog I will be sure guys To leave a link in the down below the Video in the description box so you guys Can check out study so again study is Looking to hire data entry Specialists It is a flexible position you can work And live anywhere at any given time so That's great make sure you share my Video somebody out there is looking for A job such as this one and make sure you

Guys hop over to Google do some research About the company just in case you guys Get an interview you want to be prepared And not surprised and then you want to Hop over to Facebook because you want to Join the group it is kiss Daniel cubicle Goodbye because why we post other jobs In the group that may or may not be Posted on this YouTube channel and we Also are doing a giveaway also we have a Two chicks with the side hustle Facebook Business page where we will be giving Away two additional laptops all you Gotta do is come over there follow us And share or tag or tell a friend and Make sure you follow us on Twitter and On Instagram share share share we have a Lot of giveaways going on with our brand Guys and you could be the next winner or Winners my name is Carl I'll catch you Wonderful people in the next video bye Bye YouTube

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