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Hey hey two chicks fam it's me Carl and I am back with the non phone no Interview and this one guys is a easy Peasy one easy peasy side hustle egg I Think everybody should sign up and get This one in your basket but before I Jump in make sure you guys subscribe Like and share the video because we are Giving away 10 brand new laptop Computers and they are free all you have To do is take my video put it on Facebook put it on Snapchat put it on Instagram Tick Tock share it with a Friend but be sure to come back and Leave me a comment and then once we hit A hundred thousand subscribers guys we Will be picking 10 laptop winners so Keep that in mind make sure you guys hop Over to the other blog two chicks with The side hustle.com look on the home Page and look for Omni and look for tell Us apply to both of these get both of These eggs in your basket and don't Forget to let us know in the comments What type of work from home job or side Hustle you guys are looking for don't Sleep on branded surveys the link is in The comment section let's get into the Video so guys this company is called Android police so that's an interesting Name I think for a company but anywho They are looking to feel this product Reviewer now it says that the applicants Must be based in the U.S in order to be

Considered for this role this position Will operate on a remote freelance basis It says are you an impeccable writer who Loves tinkering with the newest Android Devices want to work in a fast-paced Collaborative environment from home While monetizing your love for Technology Androidpolice.com is looking for Tech Enthusiasts to write product reviews for Various Android devices and I myself I Do on a Android phone I own a Samsung With your skillful writing Tech Expertise and strong opinions you will Have readers make informed purchasing Decisions you'll cover everything from a Product's design and Hardware to its Software and performance in which areas Does the product shine where does it Falter how does it compare to the other Devices now the responsibilities you Will write a minimum of four product Reviews per month so this is easy guys Stay up to date on the latest Android News products and updates you will Coordinate with the editorial team for Assignments and for feedback and put Work into our CMS according to our Guidelines application requirements you Must have a CV cover letter tell us why You want to write for us two to three Tech articles you've written that Demonstrate your writing abilities Applicants must have a self-starter

Attitude and possesses the following Requirements I do see here relevant Experience in writing and editing in the English language experience reviewing Devices this is just preferred expert Knowledge and Broad familiar charity of The Android products must own a good Quality digital camera or have the Ability to borrow one the hiring team at The Android police company they will be Back to you as soon as possible if they Think you make a solid addition to the Team only applications containing Relevant writing samples will be Considered please note that we have a Zero tolerance policy regarding Plagiarism on our site so anyway guys This is a product reviewer work from Home side hustle because that's what it Is you will be writing a minimum of four Product reviews per month pertaining to Android devices or some type of may not Just only be Android because it could be Apple as well but some type of Technology could be a tablet because Samsung they do make tablets so it could Be a tablet could be the Apple iPad or The Apple iPhone you probably just never Know what you will have to sample and Write about so this one is posted on the Non-foam blog and I will be sure to Leave a link right below the video in The description box so you guys can Check out this company I checked out the

Company on Google it took me one to two Minutes to type in the company's name to See what came up about them so you can Do the same guys only takes again one to Two minutes to go over to Google and Type in the company's name and see what Comes out we'll see what comes up about Them make sure you share my video Somebody out there is looking for an Easy side hustle such as this one and You just might be the person to bless Them with this great information make Sure you come back though and leave me That comment Down Below in the comment Section also guys I will put the link Right below the video in the description Box so you guys can check it out and Apply hop over to Facebook if you Haven't done so already join the group It is kiss that cubicle goodbye make Sure you guys follow us on our Facebook Business page two chicks with the side Hustle so where we are giving away some More gifts over on those social media Sites so in the group once we reach 250 000 members there will be a giveaway Also on the Facebook business page once We reach a hundred thousand followers we Will be giving away two additional Laptops brand new absolutely free we're Gonna ship them right to your front door You don't even have to pay for the Shipping so everything will be free guys All you have to do is just go over there

And share or tag a friend tell a friend Invite them over to the page as well and Don't forget about Instagram because I Think we probably will hit the 10 000 on Instagram first so make sure you guys Hop over there and follow us it is two Chicks with the side hustle make sure You share tell a friend tag a friend my Name is Carol and I will catch you Wonderful lovely amazing people in the Next video bye Hi YouTube

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