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Hi there this is Melissa from melissia At home and I'm back with another work From home job leads so this is coming From a company called Spring Health now Before I get started in jumping into This remote-based position if you're Someone who's looking to get started and You are feeling frustrated with finding Remote-based job or you have been Applying with no success then do not Beat yourself up take things personal if A company does not hire you and may hire A candidate another candidate over you That's just what happens even if even With remote-based job it happens with Jobs that are outside of the home when I Was not looking at remote-based jobs and Applying to regular jobs outside of the Home I encountered the same issues Competing with other candidates and try My hardest to find jobs there are people Out there that are looking for regular Jobs outside of the home for months to Years to two years and still out of work Okay and they're just picking up little Side hustles to get by so it is Perfectly normal for you to you know Have some hiccups when it comes to Finding remote based positions and not Having much success again keep in mind That you know a majority of the leads Are being shared by thousands of uh Candidates across the board and that is Pretty obvious that there's a lot of job

Leads so by default I'm just being real With you that's a lot of people that That you're competing against so keep in Mind that some things are not within Your control but you can only control Things within your control right so if You are someone who have been applying For position and you never got your Resume together I got it remote base Friendly resume then I highly suggest That you get this done tune up your Resumes tune up your cover letters brush Up on the interviewing skills get some Tips and advice on how you can get you Know your foot into the door or impress The hiring manager and help you to stand Out and Market yourself the best way Possible because again this is a highly Competitive market okay and that's just Something that's just normal and there's Absolutely nothing you can do in regards To that nothing I can do in regards to That so I just share these job leads and If you are able to land any of these Positions then that is awesome I do get I've been doing this for years I have Over 800 videos and millions of comments And I've received thousands of good Feedback and from candidates who have Successfully landed a remote-based job From using my platform my website as Well as some as well as some from my Services okay so again I've been doing This for a very very long time alright

So enough cheddar chatter let's jump Into today's work from home position so This is coming from a company called Spring Health and they specialize in Mental health care okay so they provide Resources and tools and clinicians to Aid those who are you know who suffer From mental illness and to help them to Live a normal life and to cope okay so I Love to share companies like this Because I feel like working for a Company that stands for something Positive and uplifting is always awesome Because it makes you feel proud to say Hey I work for such and such company Especially when it comes to working from Home okay so let's jump into Remote-based position that they're Offering they have two positions Available so I'm going to share with you The first job and this is their Non-overnight position that they have Available so they have this position Called care support coordinator for Their company and for this position You will be managing incoming member and Provider support cases and you'll be Doing this via email chat and some phone Involved manage all things care Coordination including but not limited To creating patient charts rescheduling Appointments executing prescription and Authorization forms analyze and Troubleshoot technical issues submitted

By members and providers coordinate with Product engineering teams participate in Special product projects as directed by Products or care operations team they Expect you to provide outstanding Customer service communication on Organizational skills high integrity Attention to detail ability to thrive in A fast pace and high pressure Environments bonus experience working With clinicians patients and and Sensitive health information so this is Just bonus if you have these experience So notice they did not mention that you Need to have a certain years amount of Years of experience so it looks as Though you don't need to have prior Working experience in a related role so Technically no work experience is Required in order for you to apply for This position but if you do have Experience in customer service majority Of you probably do in communication Organizational skills then I would Definitely highlight those skills I Would definitely highlight this in your Application so the target salary range For this position is 26 to 31 dollars Per hour okay now they also have another Position and this is their overnight Position it's very similar so I'm not Going to re-read the information for it Again but it's a very similar role but They're just looking for someone to work

Overnight okay the working hours for This opportunity will be 6 pm to 2 A.M Eastern Standard Time 11 PM to 7 A.M Eastern Standard Time and again it's a Similar role to the one that I just read To you the target salary range for this Position is 26 dollars per hour in Hiring range in hiring range minimum and Thirty one dollars per hour the max okay So that is part of their competitive Total Rewards package including Including stock options benefits Incentive pays and so on now if you Scroll down you can read more Information about the benefits of Working at Spring Health they have some Generous medical dental vision coverage Available they also offer 500 per year Wellness reimbursements And it also offers supporting your Family financially so they have Resources to help support your family Okay and a boatload of other information That they have here now as you scroll Down to the very bottom of the page You'll see their application form they Also have a LinkedIn where you can sign Into your LinkedIn and automatically Fill out the form it's the fastest way To do it right okay so again this is Coming from Spring Health and they are Looking for care support coordinator It's the overnight position and also for Their regular day I believe this is a

Day position so that's it for this video I just want to share this with you I Wish you all the best of luck and make Sure you check out other work from home Positions that are posted on today on my Website link is in the description Section below this video you'll also Find some other awesome things in the Description section links to your Services resources Etc that I offer all right and that's it For this video thank you so much for Watching I'll see see you in my next Video Happy word from home bye

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