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Foreign [Music] Happy Friday on today's video I will be Sharing another word from home Opportunity that I came across just an Hour ago so I was out running errands And of course I love to visit my Favorite stores and when I do this I Tend to go on their website to find out If they're offering remote based jobs Okay so this is how I sometimes find Some of the job leads that I share with You now this is coming from a company Called Dollar Tree who's also in Association with Family Dollar now it's Very surprising that some of these Companies have relationships with each Other I've shared a past video if you Missed it I will link it in the Description section below this video Where I talked about it work from home Opportunity from Ross Dress for Less Store and dd's Discount and found out That they are in relations to each other Oh it's very interesting to find out That some of these companies are in Close relations with each other so this Is coming from Dollar Tree and Family Dollar on today's video we're gonna Explore a remote-based opportunity and I'm going to show you how to find these Jobs on this company's website so you're Gonna go to their website forward slash

Careers and it will take you to this Page okay their careers section then You're going to scroll down to where it Says search careers it's going to open Up another Tab and it will take you to This particular page welcome to the Dollar Tree in Family Dollar career Center explore their current store Management Logistics and corporate Openings below so you're just gonna Answer remotes in the key as the keyword In your search bar and then click recess Search you're not going to enter Anything in the location section if Unless you want to narrow down their the Location to see if there remote jobs Available specifically in your state but It's best to just enter remotes as the Keyword in their search bar and just Click versus search and you'll see a Drop down menu that will display the Opportunities that are available so they Have two jobs that are associated with Remotes they have a senior industrial Engineering position so if you're an Engineering or into engineering you're Looking for remote based positions then You can check out that opportunity Majority of the jobs that I find tend to Have engineering positions available it Is a high demand position with low Competition so there's always Opportunities open in engineering they Also have a position here called Talent

Development specialist and that's the Job that we're going to discuss in this Video so for their talent development Specialists remote eligible remote Eligible meaning that this job is Eligible to work remotely so you don't Have to live in a specific locations Listed in Virginia or Chesapeake because It also offers the option to work Remotely okay so you can apply for this Job no matter where you are in the US no Matter where you are in the U.S the Talent development specialist is Responsible for overseeing successful Project management and Delivery for Individual team and organization level Surveys and assessments Associates Engagement survey Administration is an Area of particular Focus the talent Development specialist will work also on Survey content so this job is focused on Surveys Statistical analysis action plans and in Addition this role May support Initiatives across learning leadership And organization Effectiveness Responsibilities include lead survey and Assessment projects from inception Through execution including design data Collection reporting and follow-up Action plan activities conduct analysis On serving assessment results develop Measures and metrics to gauge the Effectiveness of an entire project

Synthesize best practice research Provide advice to HR business partners Creation of analytics processes and Project plans creation of Leader Assessments subject matter expertise Provided to HR colleagues so those are The responsibilities now for this Position you do need to have experience In the area that is most related to the Job responsibilities so you need to have Two years of work experience as an Internal or external consultant in Talent management organization Development or organizational or Organization effectiveness The technical professional skills that You'll need to have for this job possess Exceptional project management work Coordination facilitation and Consultation skills demonstrate strong Written and verbal communication skills Demonstrate problem solving decision Making skills must be able to work Autonomously and balance multiple Projects simultaneously The educational level for this position Does require you to have an MS or Master's degree in organization Development industrial organizational Psychology or related fields so this is A job that does require you to have a High degree in those specific areas so If you are qualified then I just want to Make you aware that there's an

Opportunity out here with Family Dollar And it's a remote-based position so if You meet all the qualifications as well As the educational background definitely Check it out if you know someone who'll Be a perfect fit for this job go ahead And share this information with them not Just the job itself but this video as Well as my platform so they can be aware Of what we do here and if they do not Get this job there will be other jobs That they'll be able to take advantage Of as well okay so there's so many Opportunities available and I'm here to Share that with you so if you're Interested in this position the starting Rate is 9 96k to a hundred thousand Dollars based on your experience so it's A high paying position and rightfully so Okay it is considered a non-phone-based Job because it's not a customer service Related position you will just be doing A lot of analytical work and working With surveys Etc et cetera and communicating with Their HR departments all right so this Is coming from Family Dollar the Dollar Tree if you are interested you can apply For the job it is currently still open Accepting applications at the time that I'll be posting this video which is this Evening on Friday evening I usually Don't post videos on Fridays or Friday Evenings but you know jobs job leads

Don't have days off okay a job lead can Come in at any time of the day so if I Come across a job lead I will go ahead And do my best to share it if I'm able To do so so that you have the Opportunity to apply make sure you check Out all my links in the description Section to assist with your resume as Well as getting you prepared for Interviewing for these remote-based jobs Check out my templates if you have any Questions about it or having any sort of Difficulty then definitely email me Melissia home and I will try My best to assist you okay so but that's All for this video thank you so much for Watching I'm so excited and thrilled I Absolutely love what I do I love helping You all to discover these amazing Opportunities again it's so much fun and I love to hear when you guys are able to Move forward in interviewing process and Of course those who are struggling still To land a position make sure that you're Doing everything you can including Updating your resume and taking Advantage of the services and tools that I provide okay so again if you're Striking out you definitely have to go Back to the drawing board and just make Adjustments and continue pushing forward And I wish you all the best happy work From home speak to you soon bye

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