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Foreign [Music] Welcome back to my channel I hope Everybody's doing good today I'm doing Great and back with another job for you Guys and this one right here is coming From the company CGS okay and they're Currently looking for a data entry Technician to work full time of course This is a remote job let's go ahead and Talk about the estimated pay and According to Glassdoor this job does Have an estimated pay of 32k to 45k Always remember that's an estimate you Will have to get the exact pay from the Company but with this job right here You're going to be working with other Team members to supervise and ensure That best practices are shared and You're going to be procuring data Through observation interviews and Analysis of records and other sources to Include the utilization of electronic Equipment you got to be maintaining Databases by entering in new and updated Records and related information and Verifying data and preparing materials For PDF Printing and maintain data entry Requirements following data program Techniques and procedures you're going To also Purge files to eliminate Duplication of data so they would like For you to have a bachelor's degree in Computer science or related field one

Plus a year of data entry experience Three plus years of Microsoft Office Experience excellent typing skills and Excellent communication skills they are Going to provide you with benefits and Let's go ahead and take a look at the Application so from the looks of it Doesn't look like this application is Too long at all so of course if you're Interested in applying for this job you Can find the link in the description bar If you guys have any questions or any Comments feel free to leave those below And as usual I thank you guys so much For watching I'll see you in my next Video and good luck to those who apply For the job

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